Flower Bouquets in Bloom That You Should Get This July

by Robert Canning on July 16, 2021

Giving a flower bouquet can be quite a gesture of love, letting someone know that they’re very special to you as you share something beautiful. If you want to make things extra unique, getting them some of the flowers in bloom this season is one of the best ways to do that.

The majority of these colourful and floral bouquets only stay fresh in July, emanating a sweet smell and popping in hue. It can truly brighten someone’s day to be able to receive such wonderful flowers. Keep reading this short guide about what’s in bloom for a limited time this season. Pick out the best thing to give to your special someone!

1) Sunflower

Sunflowers have to top the list as they’re one of the most beautiful flowers that plenty of people adore. It’s the optimal time to get them, especially when the sun can often hide in the clouds these days. Having a flower that can just emanate the joy and shine that it can bring can be quite exciting.

Plus, your beloved may find it interesting how their sunflowers may tend to move its head in order to follow the sun. Send the bouquet with a poetic note about how you always hope to follow them in life, and they’re sure to fall even more head over heels for you.

2) Gypsophila

Gypsophila is one of many perennial plants. These tiny and dainty flowers that bloom only in July should be handled with the utmost care and gentleness. They can seem quite delicate as they branch out in clusters, which can be quite appealing as an addition to a bouquet or even on their own.

3) Oriental Lily

Oriental lilies may be a late bloomer, but they’re worth the wait. These come in shades of vibrant pinks and yellows with the petals’ curved outward, creating quite the appeal to any person’s eye. These do require quite a bit of water, so it’s best to place them in a vase right away and have them delivered as so.

4) Water Lily

Water lilies are a little bit of a contrast from the oriental lily, with the petals appearing as if they’re closing in rather than blooming open. They can be rather thick when bundled together yet still quite gorgeous to get in July. Water lilies are also the birth month flower for July alongside delphiniums, which can be quite the pair together.

5) Dahlia

The dahlia comes in almost every colour imaginable, with plenty more being created. Some of the most popular colours are dark burgundy, bright pink and pale cream. It’s comparable to the chrysanthemum in the way the petals are structured. Dahlia would be a unique but familiar flower to hand to your loved one if you’ve given them those flowers before.

6) Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers bloom annually, climbing the fences and trees to peek out from the grass when July comes. They can be quite the sight as they rarely show up, and they can come in blush-toned hues and smell of a sweet fragrance. Sweet peas can help accent and compliment any bouquets that you’ll be ordering or stand on their own.


Sometimes, there doesn’t even have to be an occasion. These blossoms are often enough to make a very special memory. Indulging in these flower bouquets and making someone smile with them can make one very happy this July.

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