Floral Decoration Ideas to Liven up Your Dream Wedding

by Robert Canning on September 10, 2021

When you think of weddings, one of the things that will come to mind is the flower arrangement. Flower decorations are one of the most crucial things you must have in your wedding aside from the venue, clothing, and food. Your decor choices will give life to your venue, so it’s important to choose carefully. 

There are so many flower arrangements you can choose from, and you might find it overwhelming, especially if you have little to no familiarity with how to make flowers work for you. Fortunately, we have put together a list of some of the best options for floral decorations so that you can make an informed decision when choosing one for your wedding. 

Floral Arches

Floral arches are perfect for placing at the start of the aisle to create a grand entrance for the bride. It will give you a very dreamy look, making it an excellent background when the photographer captures the moment while you’re walking down the aisle. 

This kind of floral decoration is ideal both indoors and outdoors, and it can give an elegant touch to your venue that will definitely impress your guests. With floral arches, there are also different styles and colour combinations you can try. It’s best to discuss your wedding theme with your florists so that they can provide you with recommendations that will work well. 

Pew End Floral Arrangements

As the name suggests, pew end floral arrangements are found at the end of the church pews. This kind of floral decoration will give the bride's walkway a romantic and dramatic feel. Instead of having plain church benches, the floral arrangements will brighten up the venue’s appearance, making the event look and feel more lively and elegant. 

Decorating the ceremony venue is incredibly important because this is where you exchange your vows in front of your family and friends. Your wedding photographers will also capture every detail, so it should look incredibly special! 

Wedding Table Centrepieces

After the ceremony comes the wedding reception that your guests will truly enjoy because there is lots of food, music, and socialising. That said, you need to ensure that the venue has excellent lighting, design, and elegance to impress and provide comfort to the guests. 

One of the ways to liven up the reception’s design and refinement is by placing table centrepieces to jazz up the space. You can choose different flowers, colours, and props as long as they are aligned with your wedding theme. 

Carefully consider the size of your wedding table centrepiece. These floral arrangements should not keep the guests from conversing with each other across the table. Keep the height to a minimum and choose flowers that are not bulky to make conversations flow easily. 


There are still many floral decorations not mentioned here, but these three can already liven up your venues to achieve your dream wedding. Floral decorations are like magic because they can instantly transform a dull and ordinary space into an elegant and sophisticated one. Try to include these floral decorations in your wedding. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate and remember your wedding because you have served them a great wedding experience and an excellent venue to remember. 

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