Basic Floral Arrangement Rules that Everyone Has to Know

by Robert Canning on June 03, 2022

Many think that there are no rules regarding flower arrangements. However, there are principles to be followed, such as the Ikebana of Japan. You do not have to study its rigid codes to make any bouquet beautiful because flowers are beautiful by themselves. 

However, there are some basic principles that you need to follow wherever you are and for whatever occasion you are celebrating. Here they are:


Whether arranging for a get-well bouquet or an anniversary wreath, you need to get flowers quickly. Doing so will ensure that they will be presented at their prime. It will also ensure that they do not die before being given.  

Please note that flowers are sensitive to temperature, and this is why you should never delay when picking them. Flowers should be arranged when they are fresh. If you were arranging flowers to be sent to someone, you should ensure they will be delivered before they wilt.

Remove Leaves

Also, you should remove leaves so that the arrangement looks cleaner and fresher. You can also leave them if you have an arrangement with many accents.

If the leaves have begun to wilt, it is better that you remove them. The wilting leaves will not just make the flowers look ugly but will also cause them to die faster. If you remove the leaves and arrange the flowers yourself, you need to stick the stem with just a tiny bit of its tip into the foam.    

Prepare the Stems

If you are arranging the flowers yourself, you need to keep in mind that flowers mimic the patterns of their source. That is why you should arrange them so that they will be comfortable with their surroundings.  

It means that you should only cut the stems to a length appropriate for the container that you are going to arrange them in. For instance, if you are arranging an arrangement for a vase, you need to cut the stems to that particular length.

Special Care for Orchids

If you are thinking of orchid arrangements, you need to follow some special considerations. Orchids have a peculiar structure. They have a stem which can be used for arranging.  

However, it would help if you kept their roots intact to ensure their survival. Remember that you should use a pair of clean scissors when you cut the stem. If you are using sheers that have been used before, you should clean them before using them.

Keep Cut Flowers Away from Harsh Environment

When you are arranging flowers, you need to ensure that you can keep them fresh. You need to ensure that they will not wilt as soon as they are given. It will be a waste of money and time to buy fresh flowers continually.

Of course, it is not possible to keep flowers fresh. For example, you cannot keep them in your room if it gets scorching during the day. It is better to place them in a cooler area or keep them away from direct sunlight. If you put them away from direct sunlight and keep the temperature mild, you can keep flowers fresh for several days.


Flowers are beautiful when they are fresh. You can use them to accentuate your home or as gifts to loved ones. However, they need to be given fresh. 

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