Eucalyptus Varieties That Look Perfect With Flowers in Bouquets

by Robert Canning on August 06, 2021

When you walk into a floral shop, it’s unlikely that you’re specifically looking for a eucalyptus bouquet. You probably don’t even know such a bouquet exists! Well, yes, it does, and there are more than 500 varieties of eucalyptus, though some are more popular among florists than others. 

Even though eucalyptus varieties are classified as herbs, many florists use them to add a fresh touch of greenery to their floral arrangements. Their smooth leaves come in different shapes, though most are rounded, and add an interesting element to bouquets. 

Here are some of the most popular varieties of eucalyptus used by florists for bouquets:

Eucalyptus Stuartina

This type of eucalyptus has a more traditional pointed tip for its leaves, but the rest of the leaf is slightly rounded. The color can be medium green to blue-green. 

Eucalyptus Baby Blue

These have round-shaped leaves that are spaced out perfectly on the branches. Its silvery-green shade can seem blue-green at times. 

Eucalyptus Parvifolia

If you want a darker shade, this one is a perfect choice as its leaves are dark green, and the shape is more oval than round and is also pointed at the end. 

Globe Eucalyptus

This is the variety that most people have growing in their gardens, so it’s probably the one that you think of when someone talks about eucalyptus. It grows as a shrub or tree and has light green leaves that are oval. The leaves can turn dark green over time, though. 

Seeded Eucalyptus

As you can probably expect from its name, this variety comes with bunches of seeds which actually look amazing when used for bouquets. The leaves are oval with a rounded end and are a soft medium green color. The seeds are in a lighter green. 

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

The branches of this eucalyptus variety are scattered and are filled with round leaves. As you can tell by its name, the leaves are silvery-green in color.

Silver Drop Eucalyptus

The stems of this eucalyptus variety arch out, and the leaves are blue-green hued with a rounded appearance. 

Because most eucalyptus varieties do not have veins obviously showing on the leaves, they give a flat and smooth texture and look, which is part of the reason florists like working with them. 

When Should You Give a Eucalyptus Bouquet?

You can give your loved one a eucalyptus bouquet any time you want and for any occasion. Thanks to its subtle green shades, they work really well with any color or variety of flowers. They even give brighter blooms a softer and more delicate look. 

Here are some occasions where you can pair eucalyptus with different flowers for a more meaningful bouquet:

For Birthdays: a white or cream rose and eucalyptus bouquet with some surprise splashes of color will undoubtedly make someone’s big day even more special. 

To Say Congratulations: It may be for an engagement, a birth, a promotion, or graduation – whatever occasion it is that needs celebrating, a eucalyptus bouquet featuring a hydrangea will certainly look grand. 

To Say “Get Well”: With so many people getting sick these days, giving a loved one a bouquet with eucalyptus will make them feel cared for and loved. You can brighten up a hospital room with a eucalyptus bouquet with colorful blooms. As eucalyptus has always been used as a natural remedy, this bouquet can even evoke better health. 


If you are looking for a unique bouquet to give your loved one for whatever occasion or even for no reason at all, consider a eucalyptus bouquet. You can find a florist in Dubai that can add the freshest eucalyptus to your floral arrangements to give them a fresh look. 

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