Top 7 Elements That Affect How Your Flower Arrangement Looks

by Robert Canning on December 31, 2021

Flowers are beautiful as they are, and they will always look great together, regardless of the arrangement. However, there are always ways to make your flower arrangements look better.

If you are just an amateur florist or if you just want to make flower arrangements casually, it is better to always have some idea on how to make them look beautiful. Below are some of the elements that can make your flower arrangements lovelier.

Balance Is Key

This does not just mean symmetrical shapes—in fact, any kind of shape can have balance. As long as the shape does not look crooked and is forming properly, then you have achieved balance with your flower arrangement.

It is also important to note that balance also refers to similarities in different aspects. For example, colour balance means equality in shades and hues. Balance can also be manifested in the size and volume of the flowers.

Diversity in Colours

While it is safe to just have the colours within the same spectrums, having contrasting colours are more fun. They add something new to your arrangement and allow for some elements to stand out and not just melt into one another. This is ideal because you would want the flowers to stand out, but also have some sort of unity. 

Add a Focal Point

While it was mentioned above that it would be great to have all the flowers stand out, there is also an importance to having a focal point in this arrangement. There could be one unique flower, like a blue rose, in the centre. The focal must not be a part of a group and should be unique.

Have Some Rhythmic Pattern

Rhythm is an important factor to include in your flower arrangement. There needs to be a repeating pattern that can be identified, such as having a white flower in every three flower lines. This can give a pleasing and appealing look to the eyes of most people.

Add Variety in Flower Kinds

Do not just settle for one type like an all-sunflower or all-rose bouquet. While it can be cute and make your work easier, it is also boring. Add diversity like including baby’s breath or lavenders in the flower arrangements you make.

Proportion is Important

Make sure that all your elements are similar in size. Just like balance, proportion is also very important because it makes the bouquet look even. It allows for unity and a proper shape to be made out of the arrangement.

Radiation is Necessary

Radiation refers to how the stems stick out in your flower arrangements. The way your arrangement radiates is also important because it can contribute to whether the arrangement will look more natural. The trick to radiation is to elongate the stems because the stems can be used as an additional accessory to your flower arrangement.


How you arrange your flowers will additionally affect how they look. While the flowers do look beautiful, their beauty is even more emphasised and highlighted when they are arranged properly. Whether it is simply for a casual event, for a gift or just for your table, you need to arrange the flowers properly, and following our tips above will help you out with that.

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