Creative Ways You Can Display Your Short-Stemmed Flowers

by Robert Canning on June 17, 2022

When you purchase flowers from your neighbourhood florist, you may expect to receive a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers. You may easily display them in common long vases you may have stowed away in one of your home's closets. However, some of the flowers you purchase from the flower shop may not have exceptionally long stems, making them difficult to display properly.

Fortunately, anybody can use a variety of wonderful ways to make even the shortest stems seem fantastic!

Go for a Small Vase with a Solid Color

The length of the stems determines the vase's size. You should not place the flowers too high above the vase; the arrangement will be top-heavy and overgrown. Similarly, the flowers will be gobbled up if you use a tall vase. 

Fill the base of the vase with stones, pebbles, or any heavy vase filler if the vase is a solid colour instead of a transparent one. After that, fill the vase with water and arrange your flowers. They will sit on top of the fillers rather than on the bottom of the vase. 

Grab a Coffee Mug

Alternatively, a coffee cup, particularly a cappuccino-type mug with a matching saucer, can work as a makeshift vase. Arrange your stems at an angle to produce a rounded, dome-like effect. 

Make sure there are enough flowers in this arrangement and no significant gaps between them. However, resist the urge to cram more blooms in between because this will only injure and bruise the delicate petals.

Getting Creative with Alternatives

You may use something as simple as a tiny glass jar or tin can if you don't want to sacrifice a mug. You may wish to conceal the vase's defects by covering it in both circumstances. 

You may use paint, wrapping paper, or even cloth to do this. You might want to use more than one piece of paper to make your bouquet appear like a gift. Remember to use an elastic band or string to bind the fabric or paper, and then cover the string or elastic with a gorgeous ribbon.

You could even get inventive for those extremely short stems and use a salt or pepper shaker or a shot glass. The idea is to look around your house for anything that can store water and is appropriate for the stems' length.

Attach It to a Long-Stemmed Flower 

You may use floral tape or twine to secure your short-stemmed bloom to the larger stem of a flower or piece of greenery. The longer stem will reach the bottom of the vase and provide some height to the bloom. With this approach, you'll need to keep your vase practically full of water to ensure that the tip of the short-stemmed flower is always submerged.

Have It Upside Down

Find a container in your kitchen that is approximately ½ to ⅔  the height of your vase and a little slimmer. Fill the vase halfway with water and turn it upside down. The container's bottom creates the vase's artificial bottom. It will let your short stems rest on it, giving them the necessary height.


Short stems in your flower delivery do not have to hinder you from arranging beautiful bouquets. These approaches will help you to make short stems look their best. You'll never have to be concerned about a lacklustre bouquet after learning to use these alternatives.

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