The Different Symbolisms Found in Bird of Paradise Flowers

by Robert Canning on July 01, 2022

The bird of paradise is a flower native to South Africa that has become famous in tropical areas worldwide. It is connected with many positive traits as well as spiritual implications. The floral meanings of the bird of paradise include freedom, identity, splendour, fidelity, joy, and paradise. This makes it a valuable flower to give your loved one—or yourself!

In this article, you'll discover all about the symbolism of the bird of paradise and some of its cultural implications.

A Sense of Identity and Uniqueness

Some species of bird of paradise may reach heights of 20 feet. The bird of paradise, with its distinctive blooms that rise above other flowers, also represents the originality and individual personality.

This unique blossom represents the self-assurance required to stand out from the crowd. As a result, they are excellent gifts for someone in your life who is discovering their path and individual identity as a person.

The bird of paradise flower appears to be saying that the most authentic beauty lies in being yourself.

Freedom and the Opportunity to Find Good Fortune

Because it resembles an exquisite, long-necked bird, the bird of paradise is also known as a crane flower. Its tall stem and vivid blossoms resemble a bird's head with a pointed beak and a crest of multicoloured flowers. These enchanted blooms grow in clusters that also resemble a flock of striking tropical birds about to take flight. As a result, the bird of paradise flower is a symbol of liberty.

Furthermore, this South African native plant represents possibility. South Africa, a place where one set of people historically reigned over another, has luckily experienced a societal revolution. Freedom and fresh opportunities are now more accessible than ever. As a result, the bird of paradise signifies fresh liberties and the chance to achieve good fortune.


The bird of paradise is the city flower of Los Angeles, California, which should be no surprise. If the warm beaches, magnificent sunsets, and Hollywood elegance could be summed up in flowers, the colourful bird of paradise would undoubtedly be the result.


Because of its beautiful colours and natural environment in bright sunlight, the bird of paradise also represents pleasure. This flower appears to have been designed to raise people's moods. Furthermore, like a tropical flower, the bird of paradise inspires us to have some fun, leisure, and relaxation, such as a tropical trip.


The majority of birds in the animal kingdom are monogamous. So, it's natural that a flower named after a gorgeous bird be a symbol of love's devotion. 

In addition, the bird of paradise is the traditional present for couples commemorating their ninth wedding anniversary. This makes the bird of paradise a great addition to any anniversary flower arrangement.

The Meaning of Bird of Paradise on a Spiritual Level

The bird of paradise denotes aspiration to a better spiritual, or more heavenly, condition. The flower's long stem represents spiritual ascent and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

Furthermore, the bird of paradise depicts Earth's paradise. So, on a spiritual level, this flower informs us that our experience in the earthly world is significant—what we accomplish on Earth is essential. Not only should we treat life on Earth as if it were a paradise, but we should also strive to live at a higher frequency or in a godlier manner.


The bird of paradise flower symbolises adventure, freedom, happiness, and love. The uniquely South African native plant is a beautiful gift for anyone. 

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