What Do Different Flowers Mean for Married Couples

by Robert Canning on December 10, 2021

The language of flowers has been around for centuries, and it remains just as popular today. To impress your spouse, give her flowers that represent her personality. If she doesn't have a favourite flower, here are some ideas to get you started.


The lily's delicate beauty connotes goodness and devotion. It's a flower of purity, honour, and innocence that a spouse deeply in love with her partner can give her. The lily symbolises a loving relationship, encouraging the recipient to be virtuous and pure.


The rose symbolises love, beauty, and passion. If you're looking to bring back the romance in your marriage, give your wife a dozen red roses. The rose also represents admiration, deep affection, and everlasting love.


The orchid is a symbol of femininity, richness, and pure beauty. If you're looking to impress your spouse on her birthday, go with the orchid. This flower also signifies grace, health, and beauty.


Jasmine symbolises love and is a perfect flower to give as a gift on your anniversary. Its luxuriant smell and gorgeous appearance infuse spirit and warmth into a home.

Lily of the Valley

The flower shows your spouse you appreciate her love, kindness, and purity. It's a flower that's perfect for your wife if you're interested in deepening your relationship and sharing your love for one another.


The marshmallow plant is easy to grow and likes to be in full sun. Marshmallows symbolise sweetness. If you're hoping to bring back the sweetness in your relationship, give your wife a bouquet of marshmallows.


The tulip is a flower that represents eternal love and beauty. It's a flower that symbolises new beginnings and is the perfect flower to give your wife on the first day of spring.


The peony is a symbol of wealth, beauty, and prosperity. It brings the promise of a bright future. If you're hoping your spouse will make plans with you for the future, give her a bunch of peonies.


The narcissus gave rise to its own language. It's a flower that symbolises rebirth and the promise of eternal love between two people. This flower also symbolises characteristic beauty and simplicity.


The lilac has a lovely fragrance that makes it one of the most popular flowers. Lilacs symbolise devotion and the meaning of never-ending love.


The sunflower symbolises happiness and good cheer. It's a flower that reminds you to make the most of your life. If you're looking for a flower that will cheer your spouse up and get her to smile, give her a sunflower.

Moss Rose

The delicate moss rose signifies beauty, grace, and spring. It's a flower that's perfect for a gift on your spouse's birthday.


The honeysuckle is a flower that symbolises love and unity. If you're looking to bring back the romance in your marriage, give your wife this flower.


Remember, flowers are a great way to show your love for your spouse, but don't forget to have some fun with your gift. This could mean giving your favourite flower with a funny card or putting on a magic show as you make your spouse's flower disappear. 

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