4 Things You Should Consider When Giving Plants as a Gift

by Robert Canning on November 12, 2021

If you are searching for great gift ideas, either for a special occasion or as a simple token of appreciation, you might want to consider gifting plants.

Plants can be one of the kindest things you could give to someone. They provide therapeutic benefits and companionship to the receiver, help clean air and add beauty to the view. 

However, are all plants good presents? 

All plants can be good presents. However, as the giver, you need to find the appropriate one for the person you will be gifting. There is a plant gift-giving etiquette you should consider before choosing the plant you want to give. You may first want to consider the receiver’s possible allergies, care ability, pet or child toxicity and many more. The reason is some plants can be an absolute nightmare for some people.

Fortunately, this article will help you avoid scenarios that will make your receiver disappointed rather than making them happy. Read on to know more about what to consider before gifting plants to avoid blunders you will regret forever.

1. Size

The first thing one should consider when gifting plants is the size. Some plants tend to outgrow an environment, so it would be best to check the plant’s mature size and compare it to the receiver’s area. In that way, it will help a lot to make both the plants and the recipient happy.

2. Caring Ability

Another thing to consider before purchasing a plant to give is the receiver’s caring ability. A novice will never enjoy growing difficult-to-take-care plants, and the plants may not live long enough under their care.

Considering easy-to-grow plants for them will make them happier, of course. Examples of plants beginners will surely love are cacti and succulent plants, snake plants, ivy and pothos.

3. Possible Allergies of Receivers

Instead of making your receivers happy with your gift, if you do not consider their possible allergies, they’ll be disappointed as you risk their health or, worse, their lives. An example of a plant you should avoid giving to someone is bonsai for people with an allergy to birch.

4. Child and Pets

Aside from your receiver’s health, you may also want to consider the safety of their pets and children. There are highly poisonous plants, and if they contact a child’s or pet’s mouth, there is a low chance of survival. 

So, to be safer, choose non-toxic ones like African Violet, Air plants, friendship plants or Christmas cactus. If the person you will be giving the gift loves cooking, then the best plant to give is a potted arrangement of herbs. They are ideal and hundred per cent safe for kids and pets too.


Gifting plants can be as thoughtful as your intention, but not all types are appropriate for everyone. That is why knowing the things to consider when gifting plants is essential. If you are thinking about gifting one for someone special, a local florist will surely help. An expert will provide you with anything you need and everything you want to know.

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