Choosing Your Wedding Flower Colors: An Easy Guide

by Robert Canning on October 01, 2021

While fads come and go, flowers are always an essential component of weddings—and for a good reason. Not only are they visually appealing (and a centuries-old wedding custom), but they also allow you to show your style and ingenuity. 

Working with your wedding florist is a fun and vital part of the planning process, but if you don't know where to start or how to select wedding flowers, the chore may feel less like a bed of roses and more overwhelming than you'd want. To begin, here's a short guide on the typical wedding floral colour schemes:


Green orchids, tropical flowers, green foliage, green hydrangeas, cactus and succulents, and fruit may all be integrated into your arrangement—pair black bridesmaid gowns with green flowers for a striking contrast. Alternatively, mix pink and green flowers for a lovely Victorian appearance.


A white wedding gown with a classic crimson bouquet screams all the right things — romance, passion, and sensuality.


White represents purity and innocence and complements every clothing colour. If your gown is white and you don't want the bouquet to get lost in the crowd, add a dark green Ruscus leaf collar to make it stand out.


Do you think purple will be too dull for your bridal bouquet? Combining this with a bright, flower-like yellow will make a significant impact. You may also combine your dark purple flowers with white and lime green blooms to create something even more stunning.


Do you have visions of a beautiful summer wedding? Wedding flowers in orange will suffice! Their brightness and beauty make them ideal for a one-of-a-kind yet still beautiful look.


Pink wedding flowers are feminine and beautiful. Try three different types of pink roses in the bouquet; the varied colours and tones of pink will look stunning.

Some Tips for Choosing Your Floral Colors

1. Consider the Wedding Attire

Whether it is just you and your significant other or whether you have many bridesmaids and groomsmen, the colour of your wedding party apparel may have the most significant effect on your wedding flower colour palette. 

Because the wedding party is usually decked with flowers, your floral items must complement your clothing. Your bridal party is one of the most photographed aspects of your wedding, and we want those photos to be stunning, balanced, and colourfully coordinated!

2. Hire a Wedding Florist You Can Trust

You'll want to select flowers that complement your colour scheme, season, and budget, and choosing the proper wedding florist will assist you in doing just that. It is critical to choose a professional florist in Dubai that understands your idea since they will be the one to bring it to reality. 

They'll also come in handy when it comes to offering expert advice on your wedding flowers and assisting you in making complex selections, such as deciding between garden roses and peonies. When looking for a florist, look at their prior work and read reviews to understand their style and specialities (no two florists are similar!).

3. Get Inspiration from Other Sources

Begin by researching wedding floral trends or looking through real wedding and Pinterest photos. You may discover flower arrangements that you like (and may email photographs to your florist), but at the absolute least, you will have a better grasp of your likes and dislikes. 

Create a list of your flower preferences, including colour, shape, texture, and style. Don't be afraid to seek inspiration in unexpected places! Rewatch your favourite wedding-themed movies, browse the fresh flower section of your local market, or enquire about the flowers used at your family members' weddings.


Weddings are unquestionably one of the most memorable events in most people's lives. With the help of an expert florist, you will be able to add more enchantment to the day by using premium wedding flowers and gorgeous colours to make the day more vibrant and wonderful, regardless of your budget.

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