Tips to Choosing the Best Birthday Bouquet for Your Girl

by Robert Canning on June 18, 2021

If we’re being completely honest, all ladies love receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers! Even if there are girls who deny this, deep inside, there is nothing quite like being surprised by your special someone with a bunch of your favourite flowers. It may seem old-fashioned, but if you want to make your lady feel special, a fresh bouquet of flowers is the way to go!

Although jewellery and chocolates are great gifts too, flowers are on a level of their own. Taking time to find out the type of flowers someone likes, coupled with knowing their favourite colour, will show that you made a genuine effort to impress your special someone with your gift. If you are thinking about buying flowers for your significant other for their birthday, here are some tips to help you make the choice of which flowers to buy!

Tips to Choosing the Best Birthday Bouquet for Your Girl

If it is your first time buying flo9wers for your girl, it may be easy to get overwhelmed with the situation. There are countless flower choices, and you want to create the perfect bouquet! 

The Best Birthday Flowers

The question boils down to this: What are the ultimate best birthday flowers? The answer to this is more simple than you may think. While roses are a timeless choice, the best birthday flowers will depend on the person you buy them for. Here is a guide to help you decide what flowers to include in your birthday bouquet.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Birthday Bouquet

You shouldn’t overthink this too much, but here are a few tips to help you make your decision.

1 - Go with the Best Package

Usually, florists will have different packages that will help you decide what inclusions you want. For example, some offer special flower arrangements in a dainty box or vase; some offer add-ons like cupcakes or chocolates. Choose the best package that fits the preferences of your girlfriend.

2 - Have Them Delivered

Ask the florist if it is possible to have the flowers delivered to her house or workplace. She will surely appreciate the pleasant yet unexpected surprise of receiving such a gift.

3 - Consider What She Likes

When planning to give a surprise birthday bouquet, it will all boil down to thinking about what your significant other likes. It would be beneficial if you know her favourite colour and what particular flowers she likes. If you are clueless about what these are, it is a good idea to base Your flower choices on an inside joke you share, a unique experience you want to remind her of, or a bouquet remind her of a significant event you both shared in the past. You may also include a hand-written note or an extra gift if you feel that she will appreciate that.


Flowers are the perfect way to surprise your special someone on their birthday! It may seem tedious to choose the perfect bouquet for your girlfriend, but as long as you know what she likes, you will be able to pull off the perfect bouquet and birthday surprise!

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