Practical Advice on Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

by Robert Canning on August 11, 2022

One of the most exciting aspects of wedding preparation is picking your wedding flowers, but it’s not as easy as choosing your favourite flowers and asking for them in your wedding colours. 

There are a few additional factors that affect how to select wedding flowers, and we’ve listed them here to help you catch up.

Below are some helpful insider ideas you can use to collaborate with your wedding florist to get the desired aesthetic when you design and purchase your wedding flowers.

Set a Budget for Your Wedding Flowers

Knowing your exact budget for the flowers for your wedding is crucial before you take any action. You can start looking for a skilled floral designer who can work within your budget once you have an estimated spending limit in mind. Lay out your budget in your opening email or at the beginning of your first meeting.

Use Inspiration to Narrow Down Your Vision

Before contacting potential florists, you’ll need to perform some visual research in addition to setting your wedding flower budget. Spend some time determining your preferences. 

Consider your florist to be an artist. Choosing someone you agree with is crucial because some designers specialise in traditional styles while others are renowned for bucking conventions.

When choosing wedding flowers, remember that pictures speak a thousand words. Bring your wedding design inspiration boards, swatches of the attire for your wedding party, and examples of other floral arrangements you like to your meeting. 

This will give your florist a hint about the general look of your wedding, but don’t anticipate a carbon copy of those concepts.

Create a List of All the Floral Arrangements You’ll Require

Although you likely already know that you need bouquets and table centrepieces, there are other wedding flower arrangements to take into account. You may also require flowers for aisle markers, garlands, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, and other special occasions. 

Work with your florist to decide exactly what’s necessary for your big day and what you might be able to forgo to avoid having your list of arrangements negatively affect your entire decor and budget.

Choose Blooms That Are in Season

Bear in mind that, depending on their availability and the season of your wedding, specific flowers might not be accessible or can cost more. The availability of certain flower varieties varies throughout the year, so if you insist on utilising them, be prepared to pay extra or look into similar options.

One approach to reducing costs is to choose in-season wedding flowers. Around the time of your wedding, certain flowers are easier to get and more plentiful, so the florist won’t have to work too hard or spend too much of your budget to locate growers. 

The in-season flowers that are available during the month of your wedding should be the foundation of your arrangements. You can then add a few splurge flowers as highlights. Discuss this with your florist.


Never forget to consider your surroundings. How you select wedding flowers will be highly influenced by your wedding site. 

Choose arrangements that typically fit your space’s ambiance. Just as tropical, vividly coloured flowers would seem to clash with a rustic environment, clusters of bohemian wildflowers could look out of place in a formal ballroom.

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