How to Choose the Right Flowers For the Women in Your Life

by Robert Canning on December 17, 2021

Purchasing flowers is unquestionably a wonderful thing. And purchasing flowers for a special lady in your life is one of the most romantic gestures there is. But a simple task? No, not at all. There are so many flower options and colours, and arrangements that it can be overwhelming at times. It's much more perplexing if you're purchasing more than one bouquet, such as one for your wife and another for your daughter, mother, or sister.

Consider your relationship status, her personality, and style – does she enjoy time-honoured traditions, or is she a fun-loving adventurer who enjoys surprises? Is she a traditionalist when it comes to roses? Is she environmentally conscious and passionate about the environment and nature? Then perhaps a plant is an excellent option. Is she beautiful? She could enjoy flowers and other tropical arrangements.

1. If You Have a Long-Term Relationship

Nothing screams romance like a bouquet of red roses, often known as the lover's rose. They're seductive and appealing but also traditional and exquisite. Red roses create an exquisite arrangement and show a passionate, romantic love.

If, on the other hand, you've been giving her red roses for the past several years and want to branch out, there are a few options.

You might stick with roses but experiment with a different hue, such as orange. Alternatively, you might remain with the hue red and select another flower. Red tulips are an attractive and stylish option. The soft black core of the tulip is supposed to symbolise a lover's heart blackened by the flame of desire.

Of course, you may blend roses or tulips with other flowers to give fresh layers of significance to your arrangement. Asters, for example, are a love flower but significantly less well-known than the rose.

Pink alstroemeria symbolises loyalty, while pink stargazer lilies symbolise fortune. Peonies also have a high romance quotient and symbolise good fortune and successful marriage.

2. When You're Not in a Relationship But You're Very Interested

What do you give a woman you're interested in, but you aren't quite in a relationship?

Chrysanthemums are the perfect solution. They represent a growing relationship, and their colours and meanings are as varied as beautiful.

Red and orange chrysanthemums mean "I'm thinking of you", and yellow, "I'm not letting you get away." Pink means "I like you," and white, "I love you."

Yellow chrysanthemums may be the ideal choice, as they mean "rare and unique," so there's no better way to convey a message that the woman in your life is both.

For a more dramatic and flirtatious look, you could choose a bouquet of pink lilies, a celebration of love and elegance.

3. For Female Relatives

If you're buying flowers for a female relative, such as a mother or sister, it's a good idea to know her preferred colours.

White lilies are a classic choice, but the meaning can vary. If given at a funeral, they represent mourning; if given to a bride, they symbolise purity; and if given to a hospital patient, they represent recovery.

Pink roses are another classic choice and one that says, "You're my special girl." And purple, which symbolises royalty, is often given to older women, like mothers and grandmothers.

4. Buying For Female Friends

Just like male friends, female friends like to be given some thought. Maybe she's a die-hard romantic, or she loves the earth, or maybe she's the life of the party.

Pink and white roses, with or without a baby's breath, are the classic choice for female friends. They're simple yet elegant, just like a good female friend.

You could also choose hybrid tea roses, which have a very feminine look and feel. Or, you could create a bouquet with seasonal spring flowers like tulips, daffodils and irises.


Buying flowers for the woman in your life doesn't have to be a challenge. With this guide, we've made it fun and straightforward. Now all you have to do is choose the perfect bouquet and head over to her with a big smile on your face.

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