Celebrating a Newborn: Etiquette for Giving Flowers

by Robert Canning on November 05, 2021

A new baby changes a couple's life completely. More than setting up a nursery or buying baby clothes and equipment, welcoming a newborn into the world is a thrilling and nerve-racking time for everyone! 

During this exciting period, sending congratulations with “new baby” flowers is a thoughtful gesture that the new parents and the baby will appreciate. After all, who can resist a lovely bouquet of flowers? It’s a wonderful way to lift the spirits of people, add life to the room, and cheer someone up. Additionally, your bouquet’s lovely fragrance and beauty can inspire the entire event. 

So without further ado, we’ll be discussing flower etiquette in this article. Here’s everything you need to know about new baby flower etiquette and sending new baby flowers. Enjoy!

Flowers for the New Mother

Because no one knows when the baby will be born, many people will send flowers after the parents have announced it. You may be notified if the mother becomes pregnant if you live close to her.

If this is the case, you can send flowers to the hospital or directly to the new parent's door on the same or the next day. As a result, when they return with their newborn, they'll be taken aback. When ordering flowers online, make sure to choose an arrangement available for next or same-day delivery and place your order before the deadline.

Flowers for the New Parents (Yes, Including Dad)

Many people recommend delivering new baby flowers to the new mother's home to lighten her load. Additionally, due to allergy concerns, many wards will not accept flower gifts. Finally, having the flowers delivered to the new parents' home lets you order ahead of time.

Flower Etiquette FAQ: For the Newborns 

Question: What Do I Give For a Baby Girl?

Purple, pink, and pastels are always good choices for a newborn baby girl's nursery. Popular new baby flowers that come in a variety of feminine hues include lilies, roses, tulips, and carnations.

Question: What Do I Give For a Baby Boy?

Blue and yellow blossoms suit a baby boy. Flowers for a man would include freesia, delphinium, iris, and statice. If you really want to go the extra mile, use a pot or vase that matches the colour of the flowers.

Question: What Do I Give If I Don’t Know the Gender?

Knowing the baby's gender will help you choose the right flowers, especially in terms of colour. However, you can still send birthday flowers early without knowing the gender. To do this, go with a gender-neutral colour like classic cream and white, or a vibrant colour like orange, red, and green.

Question: Can I Give Flowers After the Baby’s Birth?

It’s fine to send flowers to the baby's birth. In fact, this is usually the time when parents need some encouragement. They've almost certainly have not gotten enough sleep, and if they're new parents, they're probably always worried or anxious. This thoughtful gesture shows the new parents that you want to help them in any way you can.

Writing the Card

When writing a baby blooming greeting, remember that the parents need love and support as well. It is entirely up to you what you write on the card, but we suggest congratulatory remarks and messages of warm welcome to the new addition to the family.


Making or thinking of creating a bouquet of flowers may be a tasking job. After all, it’s a complex handcrafting activity that may take one’s expertise. So if you're stuck for ideas, many online florists offer a pre-arranged section of baby flowers. This way, you can never go wrong!

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