All About Carnations: Their History and What They Symbolize

by Robert Canning on October 01, 2021

No matter the occasion or holiday, you can never go wrong with carnation flowers! Unlike other flowers, carnations are perfect for nearly every moment in life—they work well for anniversary flower arrangements, Christmas flower bouquets, and many different kinds of flower arrangements.

There’s no other flower that is as timeless as a carnation flower. Known as an expressive flower choice, a carnation holds such meaning. However, although versatile, it’s essential to know what kind of carnation you will give to your loved one and whether it suits the occasion. 

With the range of colours to choose from, it can be pretty confusing to select the perfect blooms. If you want to learn more about carnations and what they symbolize, just read on!

The History of the Carnation Flower

With a history spanning 2,000 years, carnations are considered among the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. Although discovered by Theophrastus during Ancient Greek and Roman times, carnations were also found to grow in Asia, widely loved by many.

Since the flower was used in Greek ceremonial crowns, theories and legends say that carnations got their name from the word “coronation.” However, carnations weren’t just for crowns. Throughout history, carnation flowers were used for more than just bouquets or floral arrangements—from decor to perfumes, the uses of carnations are endless!

Moreover, carnations also have several health benefits. Brewing a carnation tea helps alleviate feelings of stress, giving a boost of energy. Carnations were also used to treat stomach aches, fevers, and other conditions, making them deserving of their title as the ‘flower of the gods.’

What carnations symbolize

Since carnations have existed for thousands of years, they’ve been associated with many different meanings in various cultures. Although the significance of carnations depends on where you live, the historic flower generally symbolize the following:


Carnations are perfect as a bouquet for a wedding or an anniversary flower arrangement, as they represent devotion. Renowned painters during the Renaissance even used carnations in engagement scenes because of what the flowers symbolize.


Although roses are famous for their symbol of passion and romance, carnations can also pertain to love. Whether romantic, familial, or platonic love, gifting someone with carnations effectively shows how much you care for them.


These fluffy blooms are also often associated with fascination, as their beauty is captivating. In fact, many are intrigued by carnations that they have been included in many poems, paintings, and other works of art. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a bunch of songs about these favourite flowers!


Carnations can easily stand out from the crown due to their unique and charming shape. If you’ve been wondering what kind of flowers to give to a loved one with a quirky personality, carnations would be a perfect choice.


No matter the occasion, carnations are the perfect flowers to give someone! Thanks to their captivating character and rich history, they are ideal for flower arrangements and bouquets. As long as you source your carnations from the best flower shop, anyone would be pleased to receive a bouquet of blooming carnations from you!

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