Great Tips on Caring for Cut Flowers and Keeping Them Alive

by Robert Canning on October 01, 2021

Most people love flowers. Even those that aren’t very fond of them can admit that smell alone is enough to pull you in. How many times have you passed by a floral shop and found yourself considering a purchase? It’s not a hard sell. Whether you buy them for yourself or someone else, it’s bound to brighten the day and any space it’s in. 

One of the main reasons some people are turned off by flowers is their lack of knowledge on how to care for them. While it’s exciting and even refreshing to have flowers around your home, there’s nothing more disheartening than seeing them wither away not soon after. However, caring for cut flowers isn’t all that complicated. 

You will find that there are plenty of easy ways to keep cut flowers alive. Once you figure out the basics—like the type of flower, how much water to use, and so on—you can regularly enjoy the sight of fresh flowers in your home. 

Here are some great tips on how to keep your favourite flowers alive longer:

Water Them Well

When buying flowers from a floral shop, the first thing you need to do is to ask how much water it needs. If you’re buying them for yourself, this will make it easier to keep them alive. If they’re a gift you’re sending to someone, be thoughtful and make sure to include these details in your note. The receiver will appreciate this.

The amount of water a flower needs varies depending on the specific type. Most flowers begin to decline as soon as they’re cut. But inside a vase, they are likely to last longer with proper care. If you want to keep them on display for a considerable amount of time, make sure to pick flowers that aren’t too sensitive, like poppies. 

Place Them in the Fridge

People buy flowers because they want to put them on display. Remember that cut flowers are more sensitive. They only need a bit of sunlight and some water. When you’re asleep at night, there’s no need to have them out. 

A simple and funny way to keep them alive for longer is by placing them inside the fridge. Floral shops often keep their flowers inside large refrigerators. If it works for them, it will work for you. Make sure to save a small place inside the fridge at night. 

Drop a Copper Coin in the Vase 

Bacteria multiply quickly inside a vase with water. This is the most common reason why flowers wilt away so fast. So, to keep them longer, try dropping a copper coin into the vase. It doesn’t have to be a coin. 

Any small piece of copper can be a good enough antibacterial agent. Combined with keeping the flowers in the fridge, this should ensure that your flowers stay fresh for days!

The Bottom Line

Caring for flowers can be simple. You just have to know what type it is, the right amount of water, and the environment that it needs. Some flowers can go a while without water, while others need water constantly. The weather will also play a factor. Once you know the basics about the flowers, it just takes a few simple tips and tricks to keep them alive for longer.

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