Bringing Your Dried Flowers Back to Life

by Robert Canning on February 25, 2022

Flowers are more than just pretty faces, so think of a beautiful bouquet as a sweet reminder of the power of nature. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bringing home a new family member, sending a get well gift or just having an ordinary day, flowers can be a source of joy and inspiration. 

Flowers are meant to add a splash of colour and beauty to your home, transforming a lacklustre space into a warm and welcoming place. Unfortunately, a bouquet of dazzling blooms is a short-lived decoration. 

A little bit of neglect can lead to droopy, wilted flowers. This is one instance where you don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. There are ways to revive wilted flowers using common household items.

Give Your Flowers a Second Chance by Restoring it Back to Life

Tip #1: Cut the Stems of the Wilting Flowers

Cutting the stems of wilted flowers will allow water to flow freely to the base of the stems and roots, which is where the flower draws its nutrients and water. First, remove any leaves that are discoloured, browning or yellowing. 

Also, remove any leaves that are damp to the touch. These leaves will use up most of the water available to the plant. Next, cut the stems of the wilting flowers at an angle, no more than an inch from the base of the flower. This will allow the water to flow directly to the base of the flower, near the roots.

Tip #2: Crush the Stems of Water-Loving Flowers

Water-loving flowers, like lilies and hydrangeas, will benefit from being crushed. Crush the stems into smaller pieces and place them into a vase filled with water. Crushing the stems of these flowers will cause the plant to draw water from its roots, which will, in turn, help it to revive.

Tip #3: Add Small Doses of Bleach to the Water to Eliminate Bacteria

Dirty vases can cause bacteria to grow, which will kill your wilting flowers. To eliminate bacteria, add a small dose of household bleach to the vase. For every pint of water, add one teaspoon of bleach. Do not add too much bleach, as it will overpower the water and kill the plant.

Tip #4: Reinvigorate the Flowers by Adding Sugar or Plant Food to the Water

Green, yellow and unopened buds can be revived by adding sugar or plant food to the water. This will give the plant the nutrients it needs to produce new buds. To revive your wilting flowers with sugar, dissolve one cup of sugar in a quart of warm water and pour it over the flowers in the vase.

To add plant food to your watering can, mix up one part plant food with nine parts of water, and pour into the vase. Your wilting flowers will revive once they absorb the water and the nutrients.

The Bottom Line: Breathing New Life to Your Dying Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a delight to have in your home, but they don’t last forever. A few adjustments to your flower-recovery plan will help revive wilting flowers, allowing them to shine in your home for a little while longer.

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