What Bouquet of Flowers Can You Give to Your Date?

by Robert Canning on January 28, 2022

Giving a bouquet of flowers is never a cheesy gesture. It is sweet and would easily sweep someone off their feet. So if you have an upcoming date night, the best way to surprise them is to give them a bouquet of flowers.

But wait! You don’t know what kind of flowers your date likes! Well, we got you covered. In this article, we will talk about choosing the perfect flower bouquet for your date, whether you know what flowers they like or not. Just read on to learn more.

Choosing Flowers If You Know Their Favourite Flowers

If you happen to know what kind of flowers your date likes, then lucky for you! However, it is more than just buying the bouquet. There are factors you will need to consider, such as:

1. The Bouquet Arrangement

You can make it easy on yourself by simply getting a bouquet of their favourite flowers. Or you can take it the extra mile by having an arrangement done with their favourite flowers at the centre. You can have other decorative flowers to match their favourite and even choose it down to the tiniest details like ribbons or a note on the bouquet. You can work with professional florists like Upscale and Posh to make this process easier for you.

2. Storing the Flowers

Gifting a thousand roses is a cute gesture, but only if they have a place to store these flowers. As romantic as it may seem, the gesture can be easily seen as annoying by those who have smaller apartments or living spaces as it could be difficult for them to store these flowers. Consider their storage space before deciding the size of the bouquet you will be giving them.

3. Flower Care

Flowers are delicate things that will need a lot of care. Try to consider whether your date has a lot of time to care for these flowers or not. If they are constantly out of the house, try to gift low-maintenance flowers or better yet, a bouquet of dried flowers instead.

Choosing Flowers If You Don’t Know Their Favourite Flowers

If you don’t know what flowers they like, it is not the end of the world. You can use this list below as a reference of what kind of flowers to gift them based on their meaning:

1. Red Roses: Passionate Love

This is a universal and common meaning to red roses. If you want to declare your strong and passionate love for your date, red roses are the best way to go.

2. Carnations: Pure Love

Carnations are a great symbol of pure and innocent love. If you are still in the early stages of your romance, Carnations are a great choice for you to give them as a bouquet.

3. Tulips: Perfect Love

If you believe that you have found your soulmate and someone who brings out the best in you, Tulips are your way to go. They symbolise finding the perfect love, which is often another way to say a lifetime partner. Have a plan to propose? Use tulips as your flowers.


Flowers will always mean one thing or another. However, not everyone will understand what they mean. This is why it is best to always choose a flower that you are sure will be loved by your date. However, if you remain unsure, regardless of personal opinion, they will love any bouquet of flowers you give them and will find it sweet and surely appreciate it.

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