5 Best Birthday Flowers to Give on Your Loved One’s Special Day

by Robert Canning on August 20, 2021

Birthday gifts have always been a tradition, and birthday flowers are among the favourites to make celebrants feel loved and appreciated on their special day.   

Flowers symbolise simplicity and elegance, and no matter what kind, they always carry a graceful value to both gift-giver and recipient. A bouquet adds feelings to your gift, something that no other gift can do.

They are also clutter-free, presentable, and offer a wow factor, especially if you go with fancier varieties like luxury roses, orchids, tulips, and other premium flowers. 

Flowers also set special occasions apart. Surprising somebody with anniversary flowers, get well flowers, and birthday flowers give your token an extra edge and build a unique relationship between you and the one you gave it to.

When choosing birthday flowers for a loved one, keep in mind that each flower has a different significance. Here are our top five recommendations for the most fabulous birthday flowers:

1. Sunflower 

The sunflower is a vivid and bright flower that is linked to the sun, hence its name. Modern sunflowers come in many sizes and colours. The flower is connected with big yellow and black blossoms on large stems.

As expected, the sunflower has many pleasant connotations. They usually represent devotion and loyalty—what a lovely birthday flower!

2. Rose 

Roses have a characteristic form and a plethora of varieties. With its rich history, it’s no surprise that roses are a popular flower worldwide. Birthday bouquets are likely to include fewer than a thousand roses; however, the colour selection varies greatly.

The rose also holds a rather special significance, especially since everyone is aware that the rose is a symbol of love. However, did you know that the colour of the rose symbolises the sort of love and its overall meaning? Simply put, the colour of the rose is as significant as the flower.

A red or crimson rose is a passionate and beautiful emblem of love. By contrast, the pink rose represents affection, adoration, and delight. The white rose's beauty embodies purity, and the yellow rose is considered a sign of friendliness. A lavender rose conveys love at first sight. Such endless variety allows you to personalise your birthday greeting!

3. Tulip 

Tulips are also a reasonably popular flower for most occasions. They are mainly associated with springtime. For birthdays in spring, you can’t go wrong with a tulip bouquet.

Tulips have a long cup shape. They now come in many different colours, but red, pink, white, and yellow are the most traditional tulip colours. 

In addition to being associated with springtime, the tulip means perfect love. They make an ideal flower to give on the birthdays of the closest people in your life.

4. Lily 

A lily is a flower that includes about a hundred various members of the Lilium genus and part of the Liliaceae family. 

Easter Lilies, Day Lilies, and other varieties are called "real lilies," with six-petal segments forming a trumpet shape. Other lily species' differ in shape and form. All lilies come in a myriad of beautiful colour choices as well.

Any variety of lily is an excellent birthday flower. This flower has so many variations that you are almost sure to find one you like. The lily also signifies pleasure and optimism.

Few other flowers symbolise and encapsulate the wonderful feeling of joy. If you want to make someone's birthday special, offer them a lily arrangement.

5. Gerbera

The gerbera, commonly known as the African daisy, is a member of the daisy family. Gerberas have numerous petals and come in a broad range of colour symbolisms.

The blooms themselves range in size from medium to big. They are an excellent alternative to classic roses and irises in floral arrangements.

Daisy family members all represent innocence and purity. The gerbera daisy has a joyful aura due to its diversity of colours brightening any birthday flower arrangement.


You don’t just have to give a birthday person a single flower or a flower arrangement made up of only one flower. Make your birthday bouquet more interesting by using various flowers! Pair sunflowers with roses or tulips with lilies—the possibilities are endless. In the end, you will have made your loved one happy. 

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