Birth Month Flowers: What's Your Perfect Flower?

by Robert Canning on July 09, 2021

Flowers may have transient lives, but their delicate nature gives them a timeless beauty that can hold different meanings for everyone. Flowers often elevate celebrations with their thoughtful essence, but their fleetingness makes them particularly perfect for birthdays. 

Beyond their grace, flowers can carry deeper meanings, but you can choose the right bouquet for your loved one by knowing what flower represents their birth. It’s a fun, quirky, yet lovely way to substitute words for something more fragrant and exquisite yet equally impactful. If you’re wondering what flower suits you or your special someone’s birth month, then read on! 

January - Carnation, and Snowdrop 

A month of beginnings for many people, it’s the perfect time to turn a new leaf. People often look back to remember where they came from, the struggles they overcame and are fascinated by what’s to come on the horizon. 

With that in mind, the carnation perfectly captures these powerful emotions from love, fascination to remembrance. Snowdrop can also be a fitting substitute for January babies since it symbolises hope, an overarching theme for many people greeting the new year. 

February - The Violet 

A month for romance and all kinds of love, the violet is the best choice for February since it represents faithfulness. Their blue-purple hues arrest the eyes with their whimsical beauty, though there are other choices like yellow and cream. 

March - The Daffodil 

Bright, bubbly, and in the mood to seize opportunities ahead, March is a busy time fueled by hope. This sounds like a perfect fit for daffodils, which often exemplify rebirth and rejuvenation, both of which suit the beginnings of spring. 

April - The Daisy 

Spring is in full bloom, which means daisies take over with their simple beauty as it marks new beginnings and purity. 

May - The Lily of the Valley 

Opening up in late spring, the dainty woodland flower known as the Lily of the Valley captures the month’s sweetness and happiness. It’s also called May Bells since they flourish during May, plus they take on a pretty, bell-like appearance. 

June - The Rose 

A month filled with passion, it’s only right to give roses to your loved one celebrating their birthday this June. 

July - The Larkspur

Eye-grabbing and stunning, the larkspur portrays the grace, positivity, and innocence of the month of July. 

August - The Gladiolus

Strong, dignified, and glorious, the gladiolus is a flower perfect for August babies. 

September - The Aster 

Wise and regal, September babies deserve the Aster for its unprecedented beauty, knowledge, and greatness. 

October - Marigold 

October is a busy month for many as people prepare for the spooky festivities ahead, so the days are often charged with creativity. This makes the month perfect for Marigold bouquets as it serves as a beautiful muse that characterises your passions. 

November - The Chrysanthemum

Pretty as a picture, Chrysanthemum is the ideal choice for capturing joy and celebrating longevity. 

December - The Narcissus

A time of giving and joyous festivities, it’s only right to give a bouquet of narcissus’ to send your good wishes to friends, family, and other loved ones.

The Bottom Line: A Flower Birth Month Guide 

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