8 Best Types of Flowers to Send a Sick Person

by Robert Canning on July 01, 2022

Is someone close to you ill or recently received a not-so-good diagnosis from a doctor? You’re probably thinking of ways to make them feel better or tell them you are there for them. One of the best ways to do this is to send a flower arrangement. The question is: how do you know the right flower arrangement to send? 

This post will discuss the different flower arrangement types you can use to wish someone gets well soon. 

1. Chrysanthemum

Today, chrysanthemums are associated with hospitality, and joyful events and are loved by many people.

Chrysanthemums are usually white or yellow. This is why they are considered a symbol of cheerfulness and hope. If you or someone you know is sick, sending a chrysanthemum arrangement can lift the person's spirits. You can also send a few chrysanthemums with a get well soon balloon.

2. Heather

Heathers are perfect for sending when someone is sick because they have a deep, profound meaning. The flowers are meant to represent hope, new beginnings and rebirth. Apart from this, heather has an appealing white colour that will brighten your loved one’s day.

3. Roses

Roses are a symbol of love. Send a bouquet of roses if you want your sick friend or relative to know how much you care about them. The flowers in a bouquet of roses are usually different in colour, size and shape. This makes the recipient feel special because they know you took the time to select the best flowers.

4. Stephanotis

Stephanotis is a sweet-smelling flower that can cheer your loved one right up. Not only is it healthy to smell, but it also has a relaxing effect. Stephanotis is perfect for sending if your loved one is sick in bed.

The flowers can be placed by their bed so the person can smell them. It comes in white, white with yellow streaks and red. If you are not sure what colour to send, try white.

5. Orchid

Orchids are associated with luxury and romance. If you want to send a special orchid arrangement, you have various colours to choose from. You can send yellow orchids, red orchids, white orchids, purple orchids, pink orchids and more.

6. Lilac

Lilacs are full of fragrance. The flower has a soft and sweet aroma that will make your loved one feel better. You can send a small bouquet of lilacs together with some chocolate.

7. Daisy

Daisies are from the sunflower family. Daisies have a sweet scent, and they are mainly used to make bouquets. If you are unsure what to send, a bouquet of daisies is a good choice. The bouquet can be accompanied by a get well soon balloon.

8. Lavender

Lavender is a flower that signals purity. It is mostly used to make a garland. If you don’t have enough money to send a bouquet, you can send a small bunch of lavender together with a get well soon balloon.

Send Your Get Well Soon

A flower arrangement is a perfect way to send your good wishes to a sick loved one. The person doesn’t have to be very close to you. If you know someone who is an acquaintance and is ill, do not hesitate to send a bouquet.

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