The Best Autumn Flowers for Your Pots and Containers

by Robert Canning on August 19, 2022

The season of autumn is the time when people start to prepare for the winter. People clean their gardens and get ready for the colder months. During this time, the flowers wilt and die. The leaves of the trees change colour and fall off. 

This is also the best time to get autumn flowers. But before you contact the flower store near you, here are some of the best autumn flowers for your pots and containers:


Chrysanthemums are dubbed as the quintessential autumn flowers because of their bold, vibrant colours. For best results, opt for chrysanthemums that have more buds than flowers so they'll bloom longer. You should also repot them immediately and ensure you're using a well-drained potting mix that's slightly acidic.


Calendula, also called pot marigold, is an excellent plant for adding colour to your home. The flowers are vibrant and come in various colours, including yellow, orange, and red. Calendula is easy to grow and doesn't require a lot of sun exposure. The best place to develop calendula is in full sun and partial shade in the afternoon.


Asters are an excellent choice for autumn arrangements because of their wide range of colours. From deep purples and blues to vibrant pinks and whites, there is an aster variety for every colour scheme. Asters also add texture and depth to bouquets, making them a perfect choice for adding interest to your floral designs.


Pansies are your best bet if you're looking for flowers that survive the colder weather of autumn and winter. These flowers are incredibly hardy and are one of the first to bloom in the spring. They are a trendy choice for landscapers during the autumn because they can brighten the yard. 


Marigolds are great flowers to brighten up your garden. These flowers come in various colours and can be found in most nurseries. Aside from that, marigolds make excellent container plants and can also be used in bouquets. Marigolds are an extraordinary approach to adding colour to your garden, especially in the autumn and winter.


Pansies are one of the most prominent flowers for autumn decoration. They come in various colours and bloom in the autumn, meaning they'll be perfect in your floral displays. Flower stores often advise customers to keep them in shady areas during the summer because they are sensitive to heat.


Salvia is a perennial flower that blooms throughout the summer and into autumn. Salvia is relatively easy to grow from seed and prefers full sun. It's a heat-loving plant that grows to about 24 inches tall. If you put them in a pot, you'll want to wait until they're a little older to transplant them.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for the best autumn flowers for your pots and containers, be sure to choose plants from the flower store that are appropriate for the size of your pots and containers. They should also do well in the conditions where you live. With some planning and care, you can enjoy beautiful autumn flowers in your pots and containers all season long!

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