Beautiful UAE Tableware Trends For 2020

by Robert Canning on June 24, 2020


Beautiful UAE Tableware Trends For 2020Find out about the most beautiful tableware trends for 2020 to help you match your delicious meal with the perfect backdrop. 

As we all spend more time at home, eating has become even more of an essential part of a daily routine. It is less about grabbing a sandwich on the go, and more about taking the time to enjoy cooking and serving, and spending time with friends, family and ourselves, even if video calls have to help with providing the company.

With that in mind, tableware has become an even more important part of home decor. It adds a sense of routine, occasion and makes the process of cooking more special.

To help you get your tableware aesthetic perfect for 2020, here are some of the top UAE tableware trends this year:


CrystalsCrystals used as part of tableware add an element of opulence and class. They work well in candlelight, twinkling against the flickering lights. On a bright day during a fancy lunch, they create stunning rainbows and light as the light catches them.

There is a fine line between beautiful and tacky when it comes to including crystals in tableware design, so you do have to be careful. Often, utilising pieces that are well-designed and straightforward works perfectly because the crystal effect isn't overwhelming.

Select pieces like a beautiful pair of candleholders with some attractive tall candles will add height and light to play off the crystal base. How about a gorgeous crystal vase will hold your latest Upscale & Posh flower delivery Dubai, perhaps a stunning bunch of luxury white roses, or a classic natural lily bouquet?

If you are unsure how to include crystals stick to the odd piece that is practical and beautiful, rather than a diamond-encrusted showpiece, which might overwhelm the overall look.


Upscale and Posh Sunshine Tulip Flower BouquetUpscale & Posh Sunshine Tulip Flower Bouquet

Stripping things back, Scandinavian-minimalism is a simple and effective way to dress your table. Encompassing gentle florals, natural materials and textural fabrics and accessories can instantly add a warm and welcoming feel to your table.

Your base should be natural materials like wood, hessian placemats and jute tied napkins. Think neutral in tone for most items. You can then layer your tableware with perhaps one bold colour, or a pastel tone, and include that in splashes across the overall look.

When it comes to flowers, which can add a natural splash of colour, think wild and straightforward, such as a straightforward tulip flower bouquet in the colour you've chosen in your look.

For more tips on including Scandinavian-minimalism across your home, take a look at this video.



SilverGold gets a lot of attention in Dubai as the tableware metal of choice. This season, however, silver is having its moment. Clean, more relaxed in tone and slightly more refreshing in overall feel, silver is the perfect choice for pudding bowls, cutlery and accessories.

If you're new to metallics, avoid sparkly silver or silver patterns and stick to simple silver additions like candle holders and cutlery. It is also a great idea to avoid mixing any other metal tones with the silver as it can cheapen the overall look.

Blue & Gold

Blue and GoldGold is a timeless tone that always looks beautiful with a table layout. It adds luxury without being too bold and can be toned right down, working with almost any colour. This season in the UAE you can expect to see blue and gold being the combination of colour everyone is using with their tableware. Mostly, you can expect intense blues like royal blue, or Moroccan blue as the main component. However, lighter pastel blue can be used to layer up the look for neutrality.

A precious and rare floral addition like our Rare Beauty display, which contains rare blue orchids, would add an opulent and natural touch to a blue and gold tableware display.



MarbleMarble has always been aesthetically pleasing, which is why it is a timeless material for a wide range of home decor applications. It comes in a variety of colours and styles, with every piece of marble being unique to its natural veining and patterns.

Marble is a key tableware trend in Dubai this year with marble tabletops being popular as a tabletop choice. If you don't have the budget or the desire to have a marble table, you can include the material in smaller ways. Marble table mats, for example, add some interest and visual appeal to a table display without being too over the top. Marble tea light holders are also beautiful and more interesting than plain glass. Just be sure to match additional tones and colours to the marble you use or vice versa. You can cheapen marble by placing it with clashing patterns, tints or shades.

White, But More Natural

Upscale and Posh Phalaenopsis Orchid Double StemUpscale & Posh Phalaenopsis Orchid Double Stem

White on white has been a strong trend in home decor and tableware for a few seasons now. White everything has been a simple and easy way to create a stunning table display.

Now, the trend has changed a little, to add some softness and subtlety to the overall look. Instead of all white, the trend uses pale natural and neutral materials: pale, natural wood, neutral cotton, plain clay pots. Unlike more textural, cottage style looks, the idea is to stick to smooth and straightforward materials, really stripping back items to their most basic shape and form.

Rather than a bouquet or more elaborate floral display from your florist, opt for something like our Upscale & Posh double stem white orchid, available through flower delivery Dubai.

Art Deco

Art DecoArt Deco is an extremely stylised look that could be an excellent idea for your dinner party if you want to make an impact.

It came from the 1920s, an incredibly beautiful, luxurious and social time full of opulent parties and happenings. It makes sense that it would suit a social gathering, particularly a large affair with friends.

The easiest way to add Art Deco style to your tableware is to invest in a lovely Art Deco style dining set. The cups, plates and pots all speak for themselves, and you can simply pair them with a neutral and straightforward tablecloth, cutlery and napkins. Alternatively, you can just use Art Deco cups and accessories for after-dinner coffee, to try out the style and see how you feel. It's classy, fun and chic, so you can't go wrong.


Upscale and Posh Pink Hydrangea Designers Collection Upscale & Posh Pink Hydrangea Designers Collection 

One of the elements of a well-layered aesthetic is textures. A lot of attention goes onto the colours, tones, shapes and shades. However, the texture is so important because it adds depth. With tableware, the texture is a huge trend. Raised patterns, embossed surfaces, ridged patterns - everything has extra depth. Any colour scheme is suitable, all you do is work with the textures. For example, when you choose your floral display, you might select our Upscale & Posh Pink Hydrangea with vase. Hydrangeas have a layered and fluffy texture, adding depth to their beautiful pink blush shade. Available through our flowers online delivery service, they even come with a textured premium vase.


Upscale and Posh Surprise BouquetUpscale & Posh Surprise Bouquet

Florals are having a moment as we all embrace nature more, and want to bring as much of it into our homes as we can. There are a vast range of tableware floral trends to consider if you're going to bring flowers to the table. Here are some great tableware floral trends that could transform your dining room:

Dried Flowers - Dried flowers have come a long way, and tend to be more high quality and attractive than they used to be. Pampas grass is having a hot moment and makes quite the impact on the dining table.

Wild - Wildflower mixes that look like they have come straight out of the meadow are trendy right now. On our flower delivery UAE service, we have seen a lot of demand for wildflower style mixes like our garden delight bouquet.

Giant Flowers - Huge flowers like sunflowers are seeing lots of popularity. Individual giant flowers are used as placeholders, perhaps with a personalised note attached.

Eco-Friendly - Most people want to help the environment in any way they can, and floral table displays that reflect those efforts are on-trend. When Upscale & Posh create a surprise bouquet, the florist will always use seasonal flowers to keep the product as eco-friendly as it can be within our control.

Succulents - Succulents and houseplants are enormous at the moment in all areas of decor, so it makes sense they appear on the tableware trends list. Succulent gardens and miniature displays are trendy, with pastel succulents making a real impact visually, pairing with an overall pastel decor trend across the board. Here is a video on making succulent gardens to give you some DIY inspiration.

For something more sophisticated, terrariums are a great idea and provide a massive range of choice when it comes to the type of plants you display. Here is a video on making a closed terrarium if you fancy creating one yourself for your tableware display.

Florals are never going to go out of trend when it comes to having them as part of a table display. They look fresh, beautiful and bring an element of nature to the scene.

"Food is not just eating energy; it's an experience" - Guy Fieri.

Tableware is essential for the times we spend eating with the family at home. It is also a huge part of entertaining guests, something we can all hopefully start to do again regularly soon.


If you would like a continued inspiration for the floral elements of your table display, please follow our blog at Upscale & Posh. You might also want to think about using our fresh flower subscription service to guarantee you have fresh flowers for your tableware, every single month.


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