The Top 6 Most Beautiful Types of Orchids You Can Buy

by Robert Canning on May 13, 2022

Orchids are one of the most celebrated flowers, whether you love growing and gifting them. However, there are thousands of orchid types you can choose from. So, how do you pick out the right one for you?

Here are some of the most beautiful types you may consider when you order orchids online.

1. Cattleya

Cattleya orchid, also known as Laelia, is a trendy choice. The flower is lovely, with a large, almost heart-shaped petal. Cattleya also has a unique shape, with a lip that looks like an artichoke. 

Cattleya flowers are available in various colours, including yellow, orange, chocolate, purple, and magenta. So, the flower is also very versatile and can be used in different ways. Cattleya orchids have an incredibly unique, almost overwhelming smell.

2. Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchid, also known as Aerides, is another popular choice. The flower is more significant than the Cattleya, with a large and fancy petal. The colour can be white, pink, purple, yellow, or orange. The petal is so big that you can even cut it off and wear it as a hair accessory.

Dendrobium is perhaps the most popular orchid in the world. They are small and have very thin leaves. However, it is typically sold in its flower form. The flowers can be big, and you can put them in your room or garden to add some flair.

3. Cymbidium

Cymbidium orchid is another popular choice. They are also large and overall beautiful, especially when in full bloom. Cymbidium orchids have an attractive scent and are unique looking.

What makes Cymbidium orchids unique is that they have a ‘tail’. This is where the flower’s stalk grows longer after it fully blooms. The flower grows in a dome shape and can be white, pink, or purple.

4. Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis orchids are another popular choice. They are small but elegant looking with a unique shape and colour. Phalaenopsis orchids are also called Moth orchids. They are popular because they are inexpensive and easy to grow. This is because they thrive in sunlight and cool temperatures. However, they need very little water and won’t wilt even when you forget to water them for many days.

5. Odontoglossum

Odontoglossum orchid is one of the largest orchids, with a long stem that can be as long as 60 cm. These orchids have small and thin leaves, very different from the leaves of other orchids.

Odontoglossum orchids usually have large flowers with a colour range from white, pink, purple and yellow. You can also cut them off and wear them as a hair accessory. The unique flower shape and size make Odontoglossum a perfect choice to give your home more elegance.

6. Oncidium

Oncidium orchid is known as the dancing lady orchid. It is famous because its petals can curve or twist in different directions. Oncidium orchids are also quite big and go well with most types of décor.

Oncidium orchids have beautiful colours ranging from yellow, pink, purple, and white. They have a few thin leaves that are relatively small. Oncidium orchids can be pretty expensive, but they are unique and graceful and make for a great gift.

Final Thoughts

Finding the correct type of orchid for you can be a daunting task. However, if you know what you want and like, the job will be much easier. So, make sure that you do your research, read reviews and ask for recommendations to find out which type of orchid is the best for you.

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