Don’t Be Blue: Azure Flowers Are Popular for These Reasons

by Robert Canning on May 20, 2022

When it comes to flowers, none are as globally-iconic as roses. Their popularity even extends to art, literature, and cultural traditions. As one of the more popular flowers, roses are offered for different occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries. Different colours typically represent different meanings to the people that use them. Most people know that white roses symbolise purity and that red roses symbolise true love, but a different colour can also have a different meaning.

Beneath the Blue Surface

The purity and beauty of blue flowers make them a remarkable gift. Generally, the colours such as red, white, yellow, and pink are the standard rose shades widely used for different occasions. However, the black and blue roses are rare colours that most people cannot obtain.

The blue rose exhibits a fascinating blue-to-violet colour, portrayed in art and literature as the symbol of immortality, love, or prosperity. Some of the rarest roses are black roses, and blue roses tend to be even rarer than black roses. Most people know that white roses represent purity and that red roses symbolise true love, but a different colour can also have a different meaning. 

Additionally, blue flowers Are often associated with tranquillity and calmness because of their relationship to water. Therefore, its status as a rare flower adds to its appeal because it is more difficult to find than most other flowers, such as yellow or pink roses.

Due to genetic limitations, blue roses cannot grow on their own. A flower's colour is determined by the presence of a specific pigment, not the rose's natural colour. Blue roses are permanently dyed since flowers do not naturally produce blue pigments. The term "blue rose" is a misnomer; they are dyed white roses. Genetic engineering, however, allows greenhouses and gardeners to recreate the characteristics of true blue in roses.

The True Meaning of These Flowers

Since blue is not a natural colour of the rose, they symbolise mystery. The flowers convey the message “Obtained from a secret admirer.” Since blue is not found in nature’s gardens, blue roses symbolise "rare" or something highly coveted and unobtainable.

These sky-hued flowers also convey the emotion of “love at first sight.” That's why it"s a good idea to surprise your special someone on Valentine’s Day by getting a bouquet of blue roses delivered to their doorstep. To ensure the flowers are good quality and organic, you should choose a florist that supplies farm-fresh organic flowers.

The colour blue has also been associated with royalty and “new beginnings.” For example, if we select a path with an inexplicable beginning, our hearts will fill with deep emotions. We feel overwhelming excitement at obtaining something against all odds. To express these feelings, give bouquets of blue roses.

On the other side of the garden, a rose coloured blue is an artificial product that signifies manipulation. Blue is also the colour of mysteries, and so you can give these flowers to someone with a complex personality—a person who cannot be easily interpreted.

Send Your Loved One Blue Flowers from Dubai

Blue is not just a colour that denotes sadness; they represent rarity, unrequited love, mystery, and new beginnings. These are just some of the milestones appropriate for a bouquet of blue flowers or roses for a loved one. Add a dash of these azure flowers to make them feel how special they are.

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