Are Fresh Flowers Better Than Artificial Blossoms?

by Robert Canning on June 10, 2022

Flowers are quite a beautiful sight during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. But even on ordinary days, receiving a bouquet of flowers always have a smile on their faces due to the short but sweet memories that the presence of flowers brings.

There's always a debate about whether or not fresh flowers are comparable to artificial ones. It is a fair argument, as artificial flowers are made from plastic and are available in practically the same colours as that fresh flowers.

Artificial blossoms are made to look like the real ones and are usually promoted because they are much more long-lasting. However, they can never be as great as the real ones for various reasons. 

Here are a few reasons why fresh flowers are better than artificial customers.

1) The Beauty of Real Flowers

The beauty of fresh and real flowers is incomparable to that of artificial flowers. In comparison to a blossom made of plastic, real ones are much more textured and have a more realistic look to them. While artificial ones can vaguely resemble authentic flowers and incite the same reaction, the real deal always has much more appeal.

2) The Feel of Fresh Flowers

Flowers are often covered in thorns to prevent them from being pulled out by animals and insects. In addition, fresh flowers are also often full of moisture, adding to the feel of the petals and leaves of the flowers. As a result, the feel of real and fresh flowers is smoother and much more satisfying than artificial flowers. 

3) The Authentic Arrangement

In the case of real flowers, they are individually arranged with much care. Even the most ordinary bouquets are arranged to be as perfect as possible with real flowers. They are also arranged in a way that conveys the sentiments of the sender. Artificial flowers are stiff and generic-looking, which makes the arrangement lacklustre.

4) The Soft Fragrance

While both real and artificial flowers have a floral scent, the feeling and smell of real flowers are more natural. The fragrance of fresh flowers is spot on and much more intense in a good way, varying depending on what kind of flower it is. Artificial flowers may have a certain chemical smell comprising plastic and hot glue.

5) The Vibrant Colours

Real flowers come in so many varied colours, making them attractive. When you buy artificial flowers, there are only three to four colours you can choose from, making them seem uninteresting in comparison. Their uniformity and lack of vibrancy are also a reason why real flowers are generally better than artificial ones.

6) The Overall Emotion 

While artificial flowers evoke a certain feeling of happiness, love, and appreciation, fresh flowers look much more impressive and are often used for important events. In addition to that, fresh flowers also have a much more meaningful look to them. This is why bouquets of these real flowers have the edge over the fake ones.


Fresh flowers are truly better than artificial flowers. Whether you're buying fresh flowers from a florist or you're making your own arrangement, they are definitely a better option other than artificial flowers in many situations.

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