Answering 7 Flower Questions to Fully Satisfy Your Curiosity

by Robert Canning on October 15, 2021

Everyone gets a little curious about all sorts of topics, and flowers are no exception to that. Although the knowledge of what flowers you can eat or what flowers can kill you can be rather jarring, it can still provide us which some newfound information and facts that lets us learn about the world a little bit more.

If you’ve ever been afraid to express your curiosity about these floral questions, don’t worry! Keep reading to learn some florist-approved answers to some of your flower queries.

1) What Are the Most Popular Flowers?

There are so many kinds of flowers that have grown popular over time, from the bright tulips to the humble sunflower. However, the general consensus for the most popular flower is roses. Its worldwide adoration probably stems from its timeless symbolism and representation of love. A dozen red or white blossoming roses in a bouquet will forever be romantic.

2) What Are the Most Extravagant Flowers?

The most expensive flower in the world may be the Rothschild Orchid, which is also known as the Gold of Kinabalu. Its high price tag per item is due to its rarity, with only a few stems showing up ever since its discovery in Malaysia. Expect to pay at least £3,500 to £4,000 for a single orchid if you’re hoping to gift someone this beauty.

3) What Flowers Are Edible?

There are very few flowers that are edible, and it’s probably best to avoid munching on your bouquet unless it’s explicitly stated that you can eat it. Chefs use elderflowers in jellies and tarts, lavender in honey and biscuits, and more. Those are fine to consume, but do note that these species have been washed and picked apart carefully for those specific servings.

4) What Flowers Are Deadly?

There are plenty of poisonous flowers that you should be wary of, but most of these will only kill you if you consume large quantities of these blossoms. For example, hydrangeas can make your blood pressure go nuts when ingested, but it’s relatively safe to just leave those beauties in a vase. Just be wary of more potent flowers that may boast some toxic scents like Hemlocks.

5) What Are the Most Long-Lasting Flowers?

Most flowers tend to wilt after a couple of days, though there are variations that can last up to about four weeks. Chrysanthemums are probably the most long-lasting time florals that you can have in your home. Orchids, carnations, lilies and alstroemeria are all great runner-ups that can go for about two to three weeks.

6) How Can Fresh Flowers Last Longer?

Flowers can make us feel really happy, so the desire to make them last a little longer is only natural. Different kinds of flower species will have different needs, but the most important thing is water. Without any more roots or soil to depend on, water is imperative to keep your fresh flowers hydrated and alive.

7) How Do You Send Flowers?

Well, generally, it can be a little underwhelming to just hand a single stem of flowers. It’s more ideal to present and send flowers to a special someone in a bouquet with a cute toy. If you don’t really understand how to create a flower arrangement or how to package it, you can leave the preparation and delivery to the experts.


Giving or receiving flowers and having your questions answered is always pretty heartwarming. Learning just a few other facts about them can give you newfound appreciation and excitement in looking at the blossoms. 

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