Anniversary Flowers for the Early Years of Your Marriage

by Robert Canning on July 02, 2021

For centuries, flowers have been witnesses and instruments of showcasing love, worship, and devotion. And as years passed, giving flowers has evolved from a purely romantic gesture to a simple, thoughtful offering for many occasions and celebrations in life like birthdays, graduations, beauty pageants, etc. Nowadays, giving flowers can be for thanksgiving, appreciation, congratulations, and sympathy as well. 

Despite the evolution of flower language, sending flowers for romance is still very much alive in these modern days. It is still a sure thing that will make someone feel special and loved. And being married does not stop the giving! There are flowers appropriate and symbolic for every anniversary, a unique marker for every year of marriage.

Here is a list of the happy anniversary flowers for the first to fifth wedding anniversaries, along with the special meaning they hold. Make your loved one feel giddy and touched over a gorgeous bouquet for your next anniversary!

First Anniversary: Carnation

For celebrating your first year as a happily wedded couple, the best flower to give your partner is a beautiful arrangement of carnation flowers. Carnations are widely popular because of their many colours, each having its meaning like roses do. 

These flowers have long been a representation of passionate love, and giving or receiving a fresh bouquet is believed to promise long-lasting love. This makes carnations a perfect first wedding anniversary flower to reminisce and renew that vow you took exactly one year ago.

Second Anniversary: Lily of the valley

Lilies of the valley are small, white bell-shaped flowers that smell incredibly sweet. They have large stems and bright green lance-shaped leaves. These flowers signify the purity of a relationship along with modesty and devotion. It represents pure love, sweetness, and good fortune, which is a gorgeous message to share with your loved one!

Third Anniversary: Sunflowers

Make your loved one’s day with flowers for your third wedding anniversary. A bright handful of sunflowers with long and strong stems symbolize a strong foundation that will lead to the longevity of a marriage. 

Just like how the sunflowers follow the ray of the sun as the day goes, couples can look upon the brighter days, months, and years ahead of them.

Fourth Anniversary: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are shrubs or climbing plants native to the Americas and Asia. They have plenty of leaves with small flowers in bunches of white, pink, purple, green, or blue. These lovely flowers signify deep understanding, gratitude, and sincere emotions, all proven with four years of wedded bliss. These tiny flowers represent all the beautiful events in your married life, making it an outstanding masterpiece.

Fifth Anniversary: Daisies

The first five years of marriage is an important milestone for any couple. You can celebrate this big moment by offering daisies to your loved one. Daisies seem staid and ordinary at first glance, but you will see a more complex structure upon further inspection. This is a direct parallel to how married life can seem simple in the eyes of others, but in reality, it is incredibly complicated and wondrous. 


These anniversary flowers are only a guide on what to give your partner for your celebration. Of course, your personal preferences reign supreme when it is time to decide what to give each other on your anniversary. 

Appreciating these lovely creations of nature and knowing their meaning can play an important role in strengthening your relationship. You can also grow and take care of flowers yourself, along with nurturing and filling your partner with love.

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