5 Anemone Flower Varieties You Can Add to Your Garden

by Robert Canning on October 08, 2021

The lovely anemone flowering plant has a beautiful diversity of forms and colours. Some people are familiar with this type of plant as the windflower. It has become one of the favourites of florists, brides, and gardeners because of its different shapes and sizes, giving so much life to a place. 

If you’re a gardener or florist, you must know that anemones have different types of species. Its Ranunculus family, where the Anemone genus belongs to already comprised at least 63 species. 63 wonderful species can make your garden out of this world if you decide to plant them in your place. Anemones have these poppy-like flowers that sway even in the faintest breeze. They vary in their hardiness and growth requirements, but all will make your garden beautiful. 

To prevent overwhelming you, here are five of the most popular anemone varieties you can choose from to grow in your garden: 

1. De Caen Anemones, Anemone Coronaria ‘De Caen Group’

If your garden is in the cooler zones, this anemone variety will be perfect for planting in the spring to experience late summer blooms. But, if you live in a place with a warm climate, plant them in the fall, and you’ll be surprised how beautiful they are in spring. Most of these types of anemones are spring bloomers. They love the full sun so much that they show their vibrant colours in spring. 

2. Mr. Fokker, Anemone Coronaria de Caen ‘Mr. Fokker’ 

Blue flowers often give that royal and magical feel, and this one delightful member of the De Caen group of hybrids doesn’t disappoint. ‘Mr. Fokker’ is perfect for those who adore blue flowers. It’s perfect for a blue-themed wedding, and it can stand out if you place it in your garden. This anemone usually blooms in mid-to-late spring. 

3. Hollandia, Anemone Coronaria de Caen ‘Hollandia’

Be surprised at Hollandia’s rich cherry blossom colour with a white eye and a dark touch in the centre once you’ve successfully grown one in your garden. You can plant Hollandia anemone in the fall to bloom in spring. A good thing about Hollandia is that it can also thrive in loose soil, so it’s up to you if you want to plant it in your garden or vase. 

4. Bordeaux, Anemone Coronaria de Caen ‘Bordeaux’

Use Bordeaux as a cut flower or plant it in your garden. Either way, Bordeaux can give you a romantic and dramatic vibe because of its deep red petals and purple heart. You can plant Bordeaux anemone in three inches deep sandy soil and look for the ferny foliage to emerge in March before it blooms. 

5. The Bride, Anemone Coronaria de Caen ‘The Bride’

Another spring bloomer and the most popular wedding flower is the ‘The Bride’ anemone. This anemone plant truly deserves its name as it has these pure white, poppy-like flowers with a green button in the centre, giving brides that fresh-as-a-daisy look on their wedding bouquets. 


Anemones are just simply breathtaking. They can amaze you at how beautiful they are, especially that they come in different colours, sizes and forms. You can even use them on various occasions, and they can make your garden look lovely. Wait for them to bloom from the earliest days of spring into the fall months, and you’ll witness simple yet elegant poppy-like plants.  

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