Floral Beauties: What You Need to Know about Hydrangeas

by Robert Canning on April 15, 2022

Over the centuries, people gave flowers to convey secret messages to their loved ones. This practice reached the height of its popularity during the Victorian Era when strict society rules forbid people to declare their feelings. Although hydrangeas supposedly mean heartlessness, some still present this because they are gorgeous. 

This fascination with hydrangeas may come from several colours, and their petals look like lace. You can learn more about this bloom in this article.  

Historical Reverence

The name of this flower comes from the Greek word “hydros”, which means water and “angos”, which implies jar.  Although it is poisonous for humans, it was used in traditional medicine in ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks believed that the flower could cure all ailments, ranging from cancer to epilepsy. 

During Alexander the Great's funeral, hydrangeas were given to the soldiers who fought alongside him. This practice was eventually followed during the funeral of Julius Caesar. 

This flower is also used in rituals in various countries. The Japanese believe that hydrangeas can help them communicate with the spirits. The colour blue symbolises the sky, which is where the fairies reside. The Japanese also value this flower for its beauty and longevity.

The Science Behind the Colour

Unknown to many, there is a scientific reason behind the colours of flowers. In the case of hydrangeas, it is caused by the soil's acidity. 

The hydrangea flower has various colours, ranging from blue to pink and white. It is because hydrangeas eat soil with different levels of acidity. However, the blue and pink colours are more common than the white and purple varieties. It is because blue and pink flowers have a higher level of acidity, making them more common in low-acid soil.

Hydrangeas like their soil to be rich in potassium. It is possible through the addition of compost. Potassium helps the flowers absorb colour, which makes them look more vibrant. 

It is why gardeners will add compost to acidic soil and why adding compost to soil would change the flowers grown there. There is a controversy on whether or not the hydrangeas' blue colour can be credited to acidity or sulphur. It was believed that the hydrogen in the soil's acid broke down and combined with the calcium in the roots.

Meaning and Symbolism

As mentioned earlier, hydrangeas supposedly mean heartlessness, but who would think of such a thing when they look so beautiful. In modern times, pink hydrangeas represent love. They also symbolise other beautiful feelings.

It is also believed that hydrangeas signify good luck. They are seen as a good omen to those who want to make changes in their life. They can also bring forth positive feelings and help people cope with things they do not like.

Not only do they symbolise love, but they can also symbolise marriage. It is why you often see them in bridal bouquets. It is because they represent the purity and hope of a new start.

Hydrangeas are a favourite of many brides all over the world. They are given to the guests at wedding receptions as a symbol of beauty and affection and are also a popular choice for bridal arrangements. The flower has been incorporated as part of a bride's wedding dress.


Flowers can bring so much happiness. It is one of the little things that make a person happy. We may not know what hydrangeas mean to other people, but this is the reason why they do. The most important thing to remember is that hydrangeas can bring joy to someone.

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