Adding a Seasonal Touch to Floral Arrangements with Fruits

by Robert Canning on June 03, 2022

Weddings, baby showers, and even ordinary Sunday meals at home may benefit from premium flower arrangements as centrepieces. The right bouquet may often bring together various designs and party themes.

As a bonus, there are so many different bouquets to choose from that it's simple to select one that's perfect for any occasion. For a delicate and bright aesthetic, you might go for a bunch of brightly coloured flowers. DIY floral décor, such as a flower chandelier or a flower wall, is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your home. 

However, personalization doesn't stop there! With the right accents, you can even add fruit to the mix!

In this article, we will run you through how you can add fruits (or even vegetables) to your floral arrangements.

Why Fruits?

Using seasonal fruit in your bouquet is a brilliant way to bring in seasonal colour and add volume to the arrangement. Using fruits or vegetables in flower arrangements can be tricky, but we've put up a few tips to help you get started.

  • Go for fruits with a stem so you can secure them quickly with floral wire or floral tape.
  • To add depth to your arrangement, you can add fruits that grow on vines, such as grapes or blackberries. They are also easier to tie.
  • You can put larger fruits towards the centre of your arrangement, so they're less likely to fall out.
  • Ensure the fruits and vegetables are secured properly, especially if you are using them for an arrangement meant to move around like a handheld bouquet.
  • Don't add fruits to bridal bouquets meant for a bouquet toss.
  • Putting fruits in your bouquet may accelerate the blooming process of flowers as they produce ethylene gas. It may not be suited for arrangements meant to be displayed for a long time.

Floral Arrangements for Inspiration

Excited to add some fruits to your bouquet? Here are some bouquet ideas to inspire you!

Adding Warmth with Some Citrus Fruits and Rich Blooms

Combine some round kumquats with light pink rose flowers and full-bodied dahlia blooms for a showstopping arrangement. The orange and red kumquats lend a festive air to the whole arrangement while complementing the rich hues of the flowers.

A Tropical Mix with Pineapples and Carnations

Pink mini pineapples are not only perfect for tropical-themed occasions. They can also be an unexpected addition to your bouquet. Pair this with some soft and light peach carnations and some eye-catching fiery celosia. 

The textured pineapples, unusually shaped celosia, and delicate columbine blooms combine to make a fascinating arrangement. The vivid colours and textures make this bouquet ideal for any bride who enjoys thinking outside the box.

Going Green with Some Flowering Kale and Blue Thistle

While they may be related, this is not the regular kale you find at your local grocery store. This has beautiful petal-looking leaves, perfect as an ornamental plant. Paired with the spiky blue thistle and subtle freesia bloom, this is bound to be a unique arrangement.

A Rich and Vibrant Bouquet with Blueberries and Succulents

Tiny blueberries always add a whimsical touch to any arrangement. Paired with some light-coloured succulents and a white dahlia, this is bound to be an eye-catching arrangement.

Berries, succulents, and enormous blossoms combine to create a stunning arrangement with subtle colour. The little berries contrast with the large blossoms and colourful greenery to give the bouquet a balanced and beautiful aspect.


You can easily include fruits or vegetables in your floral arrangements. Whether you're making a centrepiece for a special dinner, a bouquet for a special someone, or a festive arrangement for a special occasion, adding fruit to it brings in a bit of whimsy and fun.

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