Your Essential Guide on How to Gift Any Man Flowers

by Robert Canning on May 27, 2022

Flowers brighten any room. No matter a person’s taste or style, there is likely to be a flower arrangement that matches it. If you’re trying to freshen up the look of a room in your home, a bouquet is a perfect choice. The colours and scents of flowers can lift anyone’s spirits, especially when you’re trying to cheer up a sick friend or relative.

But can you send a man flowers? Of course, the most romantic reason to send flowers to a man is to express your love and care for them. Whether it’s a special day or just a random Tuesday, flowers can make anyone smile. When you care about someone—your brother, father, significant other, or friend—and there’s no particular occasion to send flowers, it’s still nice to create an occasion by sending flowers.

Today, let's explore how you can navigate sending the special men in your life flowers. Here's what you need to know:

Find Out What They Like

This is a great way to find out a little about his personality. Maybe he loves raspberries, and you can send him a basket of raspberries. Perhaps he’s always wanted to try a good scotch so that you can send a bottle of scotch. The possibilities are endless!

Consider Their Personality

No matter the man, there is likely an occasion perfect for sending flowers. For example, men love getting flowers for their birthdays or anniversaries. When he feels under the weather or the weather, sending him a bouquet will help him perk up.

Send It with a Note

A little bit of love in a note can make him smile. It's a thoughtful touch, whether a short note on the card, a handwritten note, or even a quick email.

Consider Your Relationship

If he’s your significant other, you can send him flowers on a date or just ask if he’d like to go with you. For a close family member or friend, you can send a unique bouquet to show him how much you care.

Have Fun and Experiment

While sending flowers is a grand gesture, you can have a little fun and use different colours, sizes, or styles. You can send a single large flower, a bouquet, or a small bouquet to add a little fun to the gesture. If you know the man you’re sending flowers to, you know what colours he likes, which type of flowers he prefers. 

Tips on Sending Flowers

Work with a Quality Florist

Order your flowers online or call a trustworthy florist. You want your flowers to look as beautiful as they can be. If you’re not sure where to turn, many florists in your area. Do a Google search to discover potential florists. Then, call them to ask about pricing and to request information about their services.

Know the Gift Message

When you call the florist to place your order, include any special messages you want to send. Whether you’re sending flowers to say “I love you” or send “get well soon” flowers, include your message. If you have other specific instructions about the bouquet, this is the time to give them to the florist.

Send Flowers on the Right Day

If you’re sending flowers to someone who is ill, let the florist know. This way, the florist can have the flowers delivered on a day that will be optimal for them. For example, if you’re sending flowers to someone with a cold, don’t send your flowers on Friday or Saturday. Both of those days will be full of busyness. If you send your flowers on Monday, they will be able to enjoy a quiet day and cherish the flowers.

The Bottom Line

Men and flowers have a long history of working together. If you have the right florist and send the right flowers, you can send the perfect bouquet to make him smile. Whether you’re sending flowers to a friend or a significant other, it’s a beautiful expression of your love and appreciation.

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