7 of Your Most Favourite Flowers and How Long They Last

by Robert Canning on January 14, 2022

Fresh flowers are a popular gift amongst people of all ages. They infuse your decor with colour and energy, add a pleasant touch to any home, and make the ideal present for someone special or yourself.

One of the drawbacks is that fresh-cut flowers have a short lifespan. However, there are several ways and strategies to help them last longer. A flower's vase life depends on its type, how you care for them, and its origin.

Let's explore seven of the most popular commercial flowers and how long they last.


Roses are definitely a classic and one of the most popular flowers as they are a symbol of love and devotion. Some varieties last only a few days, but you can find very long-lasting roses that last for three weeks maximum. 

Roses are fragile and must be handled carefully and correctly to last long. Each rose's buds should be in the pointed-end down position (called the "M-position") before getting placed in water.

To keep them healthy, the cuttings of the roses should be placed in the vase immediately, and the stems should not be put down at an angle in the water. Also, the flower should be placed in a room between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and away from direct sunlight.


With proper care and storage, sunflowers will last for at least two to three weeks. This flower's stem is designed to be kept in a vase without any stem damage, making it easier to use in the long term.

Like roses, sunflowers are also fragile and need to be handled with care. These flowers should be placed in cold water for about half an hour before being placed in the vase. Moreover, the petals should not be soaked in water.


Lilies can last for around three or four days with proper care and storage. They are very fragrant and are among those flowers that are often gifted to a significant other.

Before storing lilies, they need to be wrapped in a damp paper towel and then put in the fridge. A paper towel will also be required when taking them out to place in the vase. If you store the lilies in the refrigerator, they should be taken out one day before they are used to get warm enough.


Chrysanthemums are very sturdy and can last for up to two weeks. They are often used in funerals and are widely available in the market.

These flowers should be kept in cold water for about five minutes before being placed in the vase and kept in a cool, dry place for display.


Carnations are also amongst the most popular flowers available in the market. These flowers will last a week with proper care.

Like the other flowers, they should be kept in cool water for about five minutes and displayed somewhere they can get indirect sunlight.


Tulips can be kept for a maximum of three days. Regardless of their lifespan, tulips are often the preferred flower for Mother's Day and birthdays.

Tulips should be stored in the fridge for about five hours before being placed in the vase. Ideally, tulips should be placed in a cooler and dark place for maximum vase life.


Orchids are amongst the most elegant flowers available in the market. This flower is known to be one of the most expensive flowers ever. The vase life of these flowers is around two days.

These flowers should be kept in a cool, dark place. The flowers should be kept in a vase containing cold water for about an hour.


As mentioned above, different flowers have varying vase lives. Some flower varieties last longer than others. Therefore, it is best to know the flowers you have bought beforehand to understand how long they can last.

As a general rule, to make flowers last longer, they should be handled with care, kept in a cool room, and placed in a vase of clean water. You will also need to check the water and replace it as needed. 

Despite the care and attention one must give for flowers to last, their sentimental and aesthetic appeal overshadows all that. Flowers will always be a classic gift for your loved one or yourself.

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