6 Reasons Flowers Can Lift Your Mood

by Robert Canning on May 27, 2021

flowers bouquet

Flowers have such a huge impact—they can brighten (almost) anyone’s days and can lift the mood, attitude, and general happiness of those who get to witness their beauty. Indeed, the recipient of a bouquet of flowers can have their day turned around in an instant. What makes flowers so amazing? Let’s find out!


1. It’s a Symbol of Growth and Life

One of the most natural forms of life on this earth is flowers. As they grow, reproduction happens. Beautiful blooms have long represented life, and being surrounded by them can give feelings of energy, new beginnings, and rejuvenation. 

Since there are different types of flowers out there, each carries its symbolic meanings. For example, a light pink rose represents the joy of life while a deep red rose signifies passion. 


2. It’s a Gift of Memory

Being surrounded by beautiful flowers is a great experience. Besides that, they can also produce happy memories that can lift anyone out of a bad mood. The colour and the scent of flowers may also remind you of someone close to your heart. At the same time, other flowers can convey sympathy, celebration, and passion. 


3. It Helps Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Did you know that smelling flowers is proven to relieve anxiety and reduce stress? In fact, the smell of flowers alone can help alleviate mild depression, which is why aromatherapy often involves floral fragrances. 

Flowers are a natural remedy you can use to lift your mood when you’re feeling stressed out. Just the appearance of sunflower is bright, beautiful, and reminiscent of the sun! Lavender is one of the most popular flowers that show improvements in short-term memory cases. Its soothing aroma also induces relaxation, making it wonderful for stressed and anxious individuals.


4. It Has Healing Qualities

Flowers are a form of natural art and they can evoke all kinds of emotions. The combination of certain smells and colours have mental, emotional, and in some cases, physical healing qualities. For example, lavender and rose can help with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. You can also go for sweeter aromas if you want to help improve social behaviours. 


5. It Comes in Various Colors

Flowers come in various colours—red often signifies love, while yellow can represent friendship, energy, and luminosity. The right colour flower arrangement at work or home can make you feel brighter and happier. If you want to induce more happiness in your home, you can choose orange/yellow shades. 


6. It Boosts the Mood

Flowers are definitely a mood booster! When giving the gift of flowers or plants, people physically and emotionally show their real smile. In turn, it increases the activity on the left part of the brain that is linked to positive emotions. This is why many people choose to give flowers to someone who seems like having a bad day. Flowers are definitely a good way to perk them up!


A Natural Happiness Booster

It’s nice to think that you don’t have to go too far to get natural happiness and mood boosters today. Flowers alone, can boost your mood and make you feel happier than usual. The best thing about this is that some flowers are readily available anywhere. However, if you want flowers that are more special, you can always buy them for yourself. There are many flower shops out there that can provide your needs. 

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