5 Tips to Ensure Fabulous Wedding Photos With Your Bouquet

by Robert Canning on June 04, 2021

Your wedding day can often feel like a dream come true. So much hard work and planning have gone into that special day that you would want every single detail to be perfect. One small thing that can often be overlooked is posing and having your wedding photos taken with an arrangement of flowers in hand.

Whether it’s a candid shot or not, some brides and even bridesmaids can feel a little unsure of how exactly they can take pictures. Being unsure how to hold a bouquet and how to position it can show awkwardness in the photos. But, don’t be fazed; it isn’t rocket science to take amazing pictures with your bridal bouquet.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get wedding photos you’d love to post and highlight on your social media:

1. Lower the Bouquet

Being excited happens so often that you may not notice your shoulders tensing and raising up by themselves. It’s great to be giddy, but it can be easy to forget that every moment is being recorded.

Try to be a little more conscious of it. When you notice yourself holding the flowers a little higher than usual, relax your muscles throughout the day. It’s ideal for brides to have their bouquets a little lower and by the waist in front of the camera.

2. Hug the Bouquet Towards You

Another way to make holding a bouquet look a lot more natural is to hug it towards your body rather than setting up space. Not only will it look really good in the photos, but your body can act as great support for the weight of your bouquet.

Just keep in mind that you will have to adjust the angle to show the blossoms you have in their full glory. Try to coordinate with your photographer on whether it looks good on camera, and ask for any directions on how you should be showing it off.

3. Have a Steady Hold on the Bouquet With One Hand

There are many photo opportunities where you’ll need to hold another person’s hand and hold your special flower arrangement up with one hand. One big example of this is walking down the aisle. As you’re being handed off to your future lover, you’ll only have one available to grip the bouquet. Be sure to consciously steady your hand, lower the bouquet and smile for the picture.

4. Keep the Bouquet in a Vase When Not in Use

Understandably, you’re not going to have a hold of the bouquet during the whole wedding. When it isn’t in use, preserve its blooming appearance by having a vase of water to put it in. When you need to take it out again, just have a small cloth or paper towel to dry it out and make it easier to hold.

5. Be Mindful of What Kind of Bouquet You Have

Coordinating with the florist is likely to give you an idea of what kind of bouquet you can have. Whether it’s a round bouquet, a waterfall bouquet or a simple nosegay bouquet, they can all require their own care and specifics when posing. Practice in front of the mirror to see what works for you and your flowers before facing the cameras and guests.


By following these tips, it’s guaranteed that your wedding photos will look as fantastic as you feel on your very special day. Show off your roses, lilies, sunflowers and more alongside your gown and your beauty.

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