3 Classic Flowers for Every Occasion

by Robert Canning on July 16, 2021

Sending flowers is one the sweetest ways to let someone know you are thinking of them. Florists everywhere can tell you the value of such a gift, and it’s not in how expensive or extravagant the flowers are. It is always the thought that counts.

The flowers you send will say a lot about how you feel and who you are as a person. But there’s just so many, so it may get confusing to figure out what flowers to send. Rest assured that you can always work with a florist to figure out the best arrangement for you and your loved one.

Here are three of the perfect flowers for every occasion:


Lilies come in different colours like white, yellow, orange and more. But all in all, they represent purity, happiness, devotion, and beauty.

— Anniversaries

Flowers are great to celebrate and congratulate wedding anniversaries. Surprising your spouse with a meaningful bouquet signifying your undying devotion to them lets them know the level of thought you put into making them feel special.

— Proposal

You can also give them the promise of happiness and devotion through flowers. The day you propose will be very special, and there’s nothing more important than strongly communicating how much you want to build a future with them.

— Romantic Evenings

In truth, you don’t need a special occasion to make someone feel special. Lilies are classic and versatile. A unique way to tell your partner how beautiful they are is through flowers. It shows creativity and effort.


Roses are probably one of the most popular flowers out there. It signifies love. While it’s most commonly used for romance, it’s also suitable for expressing every form of love.

— Mother’s Day

Roses have a way of making mothers feel very special. Whether they’re old or young, roses are a reminder of their femininity and capabilities. There are plenty of colours to choose from for a more profound message.

— Deep Sympathies

Dark coloured roses are perfect for expressing deep emotions. In the case of a deceased friend or loved one, they are appropriate to show your feelings of sympathy and comfort. Because roses are such a classic, your message will be loud and clear.

— Just Because

Even if there was no particular occasion or reason, receiving roses will always be welcome. Roses are perfect for decorations and to brighten up any room. It perfectly communicates your love and thoughtfulness for them.


Orchids are highly-coveted and very beautiful. These ornamental flowers are delicate and exude grace and elegance. They signify fertility and mature charm.

— Pregnancy

It must be a little hard to send a gift to someone newly pregnant. It’s such a special time, and you want to show your support and congratulations as best you can. Well, a perfect way to congratulate someone on their pregnancy is with a beautiful and delicate flower symbolising their good fortune.

— Birth of a Baby

A newborn in the family is a very exciting time. Just like showing support and love for someone pregnant, orchids are a thoughtful and unique way to give congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby.

— Well Wishes

Orchids are perfect for sending good wishes. Whether it’s someone at the hospital healing or someone at home dealing with a difficult situation, orchids have a way of making someone feel special. They’re relaxing and pretty to look at, sending your intentions of love and support very well.


These are just three of the classic flowers perfect for giving someone when you want to say something more without words. It’s a simple and unique way to tell someone how you feel. At the end of the day, send flowers and it will brighten up the receiver’s day.

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