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Flowers for corporate clients – information for companies on delivery of flowers, flower arrangements – Upscale and Posh

Commercial offer for corporate clients

Flower Delivery service Upscaleandposh offers floral arrangements for offices, weddings etc.

What you will get:

  • Free shipping;
  • Payment by cheque, cash, or card;
  • Providing all necessary documentation for accounting;
  • Special offers for large orders;

We will also prepare an individual offer, taking into account the budget and your wishes.

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Corporate Flower Service

  • congratulations of your colleagues / business partners / employees.
  • Order flower bouquets for birthdays and holidays of employees and partners.
  • Decorating with fresh flowers offices, meeting rooms, reception, boutiques, restaurants and hotels.
  • Balloon decorations & Balloon arches displays.
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Weekly / Monthly Flower Subscription