Lily Arrangements And Bouquets

Beautiful and delightfully smelling lilies have been valued in different countries for centuries. For example, the ancient Greeks associated these flowers with the divine beginning. Gaully considered the plant a symbol of beauty and tenderness. And the rich Romans always kept lilies in their houses as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

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About Lilies

send lilies in dubai
send lilies in dubai

It is known that the images of lilies archaeologists found on the ancient frescoes in Rome, ancient Greece and Egypt. In Europe, this flower came from the Crusaders, who brought there a number of plant crops. During the Renaissance lilies were considered a sign of purity and freshness. Therefore plants with white buds could be found near paintings with the Virgin Mary.

Interestingly, the old legends about the origin of the flower are preserved. For example, the ancient Greeks could not explain where the lily originated, so they believed that the flower grew from the milk of the goddess Hera.
In nature there are about 100 species of lilies. In the range of modern floral shops you can find the following colors of plants:

  • Tiger
  • Yellow with red;
  • Pink and white;
  • Coffee
  • Raspberry White;
  • Yellow.

There are flowers and other shades. Every year there are new hybrids of lilies, which amaze with their forms and colouring.

Beautiful lilies, basically, have a bright and strong smell. Therefore it is not necessary to put them in a bedroom or a nursery. Allergy sufferers are recommended to look at the flowers without odor.

To who better send lilies

Lily? It is very elegant and solemn flowers. They can be presented on any occasion. And it will suit such a gift to both a woman and a man. You can buy bouquets of lilies in Dubai or Sharjah as a birthday flower gift for a relative or for an anniversary of a colleague at work. Such a floral arrangement will look appropriate in any case.

If you want to buy a bouquet as a gift, you should pay special attention to the coloring of lilies.

For example, tiger lilies or burgundy-tinged flowers are ideal for male representatives. The buds of such flowers symbolize wealth, respect and strength.

White or beige flowers are suitable for a gift to your beloved girl. If you need a bouquet for your mother's birthday, you should look at the orange lilies. They symbolize sunlight and give a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Tiger Lilies Ideal for male representatives. The buds of such flowers symbolize wealth, respect and strength. Perfect as anniversary lilies gift
White or beige Lilies Flowers of this color are suitable for a gift to your beloved girl. Especially as a lilies on valentine's day
Orange Lilies If you need a bouquet for your mother's birthday, you should look at the orange lilies
Single-color lilies lilies are gaining popularity among the wedding florists. The most popular thought are Cala Lilies

An interesting fact: lilies are gaining popularity among the wedding florists. Bouquets of such plants will perfectly complement the image of the bride. As a wedding composition will be suitable as mono-bouquets of lilies, and combinations made with the use of other colors.

Bouquet of lilies with delivery from Upscaleandposh

The tasteful bouquet of lilies will not leave indifferent any representative of the beautiful sex. Buds ' blossoms, located on a long elastic stalk, amaze with aristocracy, correctness of forms and variety of shades. They look spectacular by themselves, but also successfully harmonize with other types of flowers-roses, irises, chrysanthemums, gerbers.

The peculiarity of this flower lies in both noble beauty and rich symbolism. Lily-The emblem of the French kings, personifying wealth and prosperity. According to Christian traditions white lilies are considered the eternal symbol of purity, chastity, and sincere love. For these reasons they are successfully used in wedding Floristics-make bouquets for brides, decorate banquet halls.

To give lilies is appropriate for almost any occasion: on the occasion of the wedding, on the anniversary, March 8, a romantic date. The only thing worth considering when choosing a composition-the age and taste preferences of the addressee. The young lady will be delighted by the delicate shades of fragrant bouquet. Rich and bright flowers will be to the taste of older ladies.

With proper care lilies are able to delight the surrounding freshness and refined aroma of a week and more. In addition, the price of these flowers allows you to buy a large and luxurious bouquet without hitting the purse.

Lilies in Dubai is a perfect gift for any occasion

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How to make lilies live longer

Beautiful lilies are highly valued by florists due to their long-lasting preservation in cut form. The bouquet can stand for ten days without losing its appearance.

In order to preserve the life of a flower bouquet, it is necessary to adhere to simple recommendations:

  • Before putting flowers in a vase, cut their stems from below at right angles. Then split them slightly.
  • Remove the lower leaves from the flowers: This will help prevent rotting of the stems.
  • In water for lilies it is recommended to add antiseptics. Aspirin pill can be used.
  • Use a herbal food for cut flowers. It is a special fertilizing that allows the plants to maintain an attractive appearance longer.
  • If lilies began to lose their attractive appearance, can you use "shock therapy"? Dip their stems for a couple of minutes into hot water and then return back to the vase.
  • Remove the stamens from the dissolved lilies. Stamens are ways to shorten the lifespan of cut flowers.
  • A bouquet of lilies will be stored much longer away from heat sources (e.g. heating radiators). The ideal arrangement of the vase with lilies will be a cool room.
  • Do not leave a vase of fruit near the bouquet.