International Women's Day Flowers

Every woman wants to get flowers as a gift on this spring day. So many women are waiting for their greetings and gifts: family, friends, colleagues. The best and most common gift in the beginning of spring is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Dear men, give your women flowers, and we will help you to choose them. We offer flower and bouquet delivery on 8th of March in Dubai and Sharjah. Delivery is completely free.

From: AED719.00

Win-Win situation - Impress Her with multiple Box of Blooms and Save! Package to send multiple bouquets wih great savings. This is a package of 7 bouquets for the price of 6.

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Premium Roses & Gypsophila. Our FEATURE gift for any occasion


Lisianthus, Red and Purple Roses, Mums

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Roses, Thistles and Hydrangea Bouquet

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Hydrangea, Roses and Mokara Orchid Bouquet

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Roses and Lisianthus Bouquet

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Hydrangea, Roses and Eucalyptus Bouquet

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Roses, Carnation and Leucospermum Bouquet

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Roses and Alstroemerias


50 Pink Roses


Peach Roses, Oriental, Deco, Bundle Gift

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Customize your Gift of Flowers. Just choose the Styleand Hues you want and that's it!

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From: AED199.00

Lisianthus and Carnations

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3 Color Alstroemeria

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Green Mums, Lilies and Roses


Mums, Carnation, Roses, Free Vase


Lisianthus, Roses, Mums, Orchid


Lisianthus, Roses, Free Vase


Peach Roses, Oriental, Deco


Mums, Red Roses, Carnation Red


Roses, Blue Orchid, Free Vase

When is International woman day and why give flowers

8th March is International Women’s Day which is the annual celebration in which we all take a moment of the day to honor those awesome and inspiring women we love so much. If you want to honor them giving them gift on International Woman's Day, we have everything you need to send them the best surprise. Show your support this year, why not surprise a woman you want with beautiful flowers for the international women's day to tell you how much you value everything she does.

What flowers and gifts give for women's day

Guess the most popular answer on the question: When would a man give flowers to a woman? Of course, on that day because all the gentlemen appreciate and send gifts to their ladies, because March 8 is the triumph of the most beautiful half of humanity!

Gift on March 8th – it is not a simple bouquet to send just because "it is necessary". It is a whole art, to bring a joy and happiness to women, and show that she is the most valuable person in this world. And not necessarily it should be your lover, it has to be both mother, and grandmother, colleague and even the wife of a friend.

Often men are lost when choosing, not knowing what gift to buy for international women's day. For the customers of it is not a problem, because our florists will gladly help you choose a gift, which will surely appeal to people close to you. If you want to add a piece of your senses to the gift, we will create a flower bouquet according to your wishes, explaining, if necessary, what floral to pick up better. If want to buy a bouquet women’s day, simply and without hassle order it online in our flower shop with free flower delivery!

Flowers on March 8 to his wife or sweetheart

Best flowers for woman's day are red roses, such a bouquet is perceived as a declaration of love, passion, deep affection. Pink roses are associated with tenderness and romance. However, many Russian women and girls prefer the roses of chamomile. We also have such bouquets. Extravagant creative ladies can give blue roses or orchids.

Bouquet on March 8 mom and grandmother

Great beautiful flowers for women's day are tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, irises, anemone. From traditional are Roses, lilies and chrysanthemums. In this case, it is likely that your attention will be more important than the cost of bouquet. Floral preferences have no age, tastes can be preserved for life.

Corporate flower arrangement on March 8

They are characterized by restraint of composition. Flowers that symbolize love and tenderness, such as red or pink roses, are not suitable here. Choose neutral bouquets of tulips, irises, daffodils of hyacinth. Bouquets which give to colleagues, it is not necessary to overload decorative details. It is much better to "dilute" them with the greenery. The bouquet for the leader should differ from bouquets to its subordinates, here too it is important to observe subordination.

Best gift for women's day to send on 8th of March?

There are days when the best gift is a flower bouquet. International Women's Day is a long—awaited holiday for both the beautiful half of humanity and connoisseurs of beauty. Some of the best flowers for Women's Day of 2019 are:

This year we have created our own selection of bouquets inspired by some extraordinary women of our company. You can send the perfect, luxury flower bouquet inspired by women for women from all over the world.

Happy international women's day flowers from Upscale and Posh

How to congratulate your beloved one on a woman's day? We offer you floral congratulations on March 8.

Heart of Flowers Heart is the most important symbol of love. In this regard, flower bouquet in the form of a heart are gaining in popularity. This gift is convenient because it does not need a vase, flowers are fixed in a special sponge, soaked in water. A delightful flower for woman's day will make your lady happy for a long time
Roses If you want to impress your girlfriend with luxury flower arrangement on women’s day, it is better to choose stunning flowers of several colors and combine them into one, it will look delightful
Flowers with Greenery Single — colored roses will not look plain if you add fresh herbs or small inflorescences to them and combine them. Greenery will complement Roses in this bouquet
Spray Roses This type of roses stands out for its special charm. Small buds are very delicate. The arrangement will please your her one for a long time. Send it to a young girl to emphasize her tenderness and beauty. It is enough only to tie the stems with a decorative ribbon