Peruvian And Alstroemeria Lilies

Alstromeria is a bright and colorful flower of amazing beauty. It is a symbol of exotics and originality. Today Alstroemeria successfully complement roses, chrysanthemums and gerberas, giving to bouquets tenderness and lightness. White flowers symbolize purity, sincerity, so they are often used in delicate, romantic arrangements

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Other name of alstroemerias

alstroemeria onlineMany flower shops offer a flower as a hybrid of lilies and orchids, trying to attract buyers in this way exotic plants. This is in no way true.

The flower was discovered in South America in the sixteenth century and is named after the pupil Karl Linneey, who brought him some samples of the plant. More romantic and Beautiful is the second name of the flower is "Lily of the Incas" or "Peruvian Lily", which is more consistent with the nature and place of growth of this plant.

Send Alstroemeria to her from upscale and posh

To buy an alstromeria in those days was rather difficult, it was an exotic and rare flower, accessible only to aristocrats.

Today, any flower shop boasts a rich selection of alstromerium. Florists widely use them in the manufacture of compositions, adding with the help of these colors refinement and refinement of bouquets.

You can buy a bouquet of alstromerias in our flower shop. There is always a great choice. Cheap and expensive, lush and modest, bright and tender, the choice of bouquets is huge and able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

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How to order alsroemeria in dubai & sharjah

Delivery is made by courier in Dubai and Sharjah to any address. You can contact the store and an experienced seller consultant will offer an inexpensive bouquet, ideal for the upcoming event.

You can buy an alstromeria and appear on the doorstep of a beloved woman, striking her delicate exquisite flower, attaching to him a box of chocolates, it will show your refinement and excellent manners. The woman will not be able to refuse to such the gentleman in attention. A bouquet of delicate flowers in addition to a burning passion look-a great way to impress a woman in the heart.

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