Look To The Zodiac Stars For Floral Inspiration

For Flower Delivery in Dubai look to the Zodiac Stars for Floral Inspiration. Wanting toSend Flowers to Dubai but are unsure which flowers would be appropriate for you recipient? For your next flower delivery in Dubai, you find yourself trying to decide whether to send a bunch of hot pink roses, fun loving yellow tulips or exotic orchids consider […]

Birth Month Flowers

Birth Month Flowers JANUARY: Carnation Representing pride, beauty, admiration, and gratitude, the carnation’s multilayered, feathery soft petals conceal a hardy core – an appropriate paradox for this first-month-of-the-year flower. Originally from Asia, where they’ve been cultivated for the last 2,000 years, today this winter birth flower is a richly colorful and fragrant gem. FEBRUARY: Iris It should […]