At Upscale & Posh Flowers we pride ourselves on delivering quality fresh cut flowers to Dubai and Sharjah. We have been doing so successfully for over 13 years.

Supplying homes and individuals with stunning floral displays is only part of our offering, we offer brides one less headache by delivering on our wedding flower commitments.

Our corporate office designs are arranged in keeping with the space and décor thus enhancing and complementing the office, reception, bathrooms etc.

Our experienced team thrive on the fast paced deadline hitting event space and we again deliver on our commitments.

Home contracts are a new addition to our offering, convenience of having flowers delivered to your home on a weekly basis is one of life's little luxuries and it is well known that flowers are not just beautiful but also have calming effects on the environment they are in.

We welcome all enquiries on our bespoke flowers and the team at Upscale and Posh wish you a wonderful day.